The Ruby Keep - Elysia Rising Ep7 Pt1 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play

Episode 7 May 05, 2024 01:25:26
The Ruby Keep - Elysia Rising Ep7 Pt1 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play
Explorers of Elsewhere
The Ruby Keep - Elysia Rising Ep7 Pt1 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play

May 05 2024 | 01:25:26


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The Crew are tasked with a score in the most defended location in Elysia - the Ruby Keep, home of Marshall Algarve himself.


Played using the Blades in the Dark ruleset, by John Harper -


EoE -

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Intro Voiceover by Georgia Cook - @georgiacooked

Dark Beginning by Yevhenii Kovalenko -

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: Greetings, one and all. How do. [00:00:06] Speaker B: We do? [00:00:07] Speaker A: Who? Amazing. Hey. Hello, everyone. Hi. It's me, DM Dan. And we are the explorers of elsewhere. And we're gonna be playing some elysium rising for you tonight. It's all very exciting stuff. I would wager you lot are a little worse for wear. [00:00:27] Speaker C: That's fine. [00:00:29] Speaker A: Don't know what you're all about. I mean, you. You've been worse. Arguably, you know. Arguably. [00:00:37] Speaker C: Definitely been worse. [00:00:39] Speaker A: But speak for yourself. I mean, this. This is the tangible. These stress bars are the tangible effect of police brutality. But, yeah, you're fine, you're fine, you're fine. [00:00:56] Speaker D: We didn't do anything wrong or anything to deserve the police brutality. [00:01:00] Speaker E: Exactly. [00:01:01] Speaker B: Don't do foot fetish kids. Not even once. [00:01:06] Speaker A: Yeah, well, you know, it's all good because you've gone to a friendly little meeting and everything's gonna be fine. Right? [00:01:15] Speaker B: We're at the big boy table. Yay. [00:01:17] Speaker A: Die in this basement. [00:01:20] Speaker E: We've moved from the kids table. [00:01:23] Speaker A: Yeah. Well, I would very much like to see how long you lot last. How about you? You already jump in? [00:01:32] Speaker C: That is not encouraging, Dan. [00:01:33] Speaker B: Let's do it. Five minutes. [00:01:36] Speaker D: Ready to roll. New characters. [00:01:40] Speaker C: Character creation is the best bit. [00:01:42] Speaker A: Well, I think we should start the time out right now. [00:01:54] Speaker B: Welcome to Elysia, the jewel of the north. On our gilded streets, fortune and fame can be found by anyone. [00:02:06] Speaker C: Hi, I'm Julia, and I'm playing Magpie, an ace of our lurk. [00:02:11] Speaker E: Hi, I'm Nate, and I'm playing cavern, a dragon scent slide. [00:02:16] Speaker C: Hi, I'm Meg. [00:02:17] Speaker B: I'm playing Frieda, a wolfkin cutter. [00:02:21] Speaker F: Hi, I'm JC, and I'll be playing Algernon, an ace of our spider. [00:02:26] Speaker D: Hello, I'm Erol. I am playing Atta, a goblin whisper. [00:02:31] Speaker A: And my name is DM Dan. I will be the games master on this adventure. [00:02:37] Speaker B: So come on in and marvel at our wonders. Make sure you see the beautiful views we have to offer. And don't mind the ghosts. [00:02:46] Speaker D: Really. [00:02:47] Speaker B: Grab yourselves a seat and make yourselves welcome in the city of Elysia. [00:02:59] Speaker A: Less than one week ago, the spiritual and social leader of Elysia, Tavare, was killed in Oldtown. The murderer has yet to be found, but this significant event has caused a domino effect ever since. Many of the vying factions have taken Zavarian's death as an opportunity to expand and gain power, whilst others work in the shadows towards unknown goals. One of these factions is the elusive marionettes, masterminds of the criminal underworld. In a secret meeting, the thoughts of a changed Elysia hang ominously in the air, and our crew finds themselves at the very center of it. The next domino to topple onto yet more dominoes. There are many burning questions to be asked. Some, however, may take a step back and ask a question from a different perspective. What will there be left once all the dominoes have fallen? [00:04:05] Speaker B: A pile of dominoes. [00:04:11] Speaker A: And so we find the five of you in a dimly lit basement of sorts, stood or stood or sat on some, like at the edge of a round, a large, round circular table. To your right is Mustovan and a handful of higher ranking cobbles. And to your left are a number of mujani wearing rich robes and a plethora of gold jewelry. Across the table from you, bathed in shadow, is a blonde Loraval woman who looks at you expectantly. Algernon, you recognize this woman as the Loravar who seemingly Algarve secretary that you met only yesterday. But this Loravar woman, whom you, Magpie, assume to be songbird, raises her eyebrows and says, please take a seat. We've got some business to discuss. And if any of you are glancing over at him, masto wide, slightly wide eyed, is kind of nodding his head frantically towards the seats. [00:05:58] Speaker E: Is there enough seats for us to all sit down? [00:06:01] Speaker A: Um, there is. There is. [00:06:03] Speaker E: I don't have to sit on Frieda's lap. [00:06:05] Speaker A: No musical chairs. This is. This is a professional outfit. There are. [00:06:08] Speaker B: Okay, sit down. [00:06:11] Speaker E: Yeah, have a sit. [00:06:12] Speaker A: Um, as you all kind of take your seats, who's on the left? Most of the seats. [00:06:23] Speaker B: I am. Frieda is. Let's do that. [00:06:26] Speaker A: Okay. So, Frieda, as you sit down, you brush your shoulder against the majority man that sat next to you, and you hear, like, an almost sharp intake of breath. Breath from him. And then he looks at you, and the dismissive sneer on his face is barely hidden. [00:06:53] Speaker B: I really surreptitiously, sort of lift my armpit and just do a little, you know. [00:07:01] Speaker A: As you. As you do, there is a. You can hear a lot of kind of jewelry jingle and chink against itself as there's some shifting in the madjani and Algernon, like you, like the noise drawing your attention. You would suspect that to your left are the il Naishi, a Majjani family, a criminal syndicate family once known for their sprawling gold shops through Elysia, but in more recent times have fallen back on more traditional occupations. But you notice amongst their number is a oddly, a particularly piercing set of eyes that, upon closer inspection, you realize are heavily cataracts to the point where you would almost assume that perhaps she is blind. But you wonder if the lady staring at you is none other than lady null, the matriarch of the Ilneci family, her face swaddled in white fabric with gold trim. I understand, songbird begins, that you are. You find yourselves in somewhat of an elite group of people within Elysia. I understand that you know why everything that is happening, is happening. You know about the veil. So let's not rest on secrecy and misdirection here. We all know that the veil is falling apart, which has allowed for some rather impressive theatrics from yourselves over up in dustry Hill. But I've brought you here because I'm confident that we will find some sort of common ground on what we're gonna do about it. [00:09:43] Speaker F: You're the songbird, I assume. [00:09:47] Speaker A: Pleasure to meet you, mister. Cabalida. [00:09:50] Speaker F: Quite. I've been expecting to meet you ever since musto darkened outdoor with his sweaty. [00:09:54] Speaker A: Brow, um, musto kind of lets out like he seems happy that someone mentions his name. Well, you can rest assured that ever since memorial day we have been keeping tabs on you. And you've been entertaining to watch, that's for sure. [00:10:27] Speaker F: You've seen my card tricks. [00:10:31] Speaker A: Songbird smiles. And amongst other things, yes. So, as far as you're all concerned, what is it that threatens Alicia? But who threatens Alicia the most? [00:10:52] Speaker C: Big question is it? [00:10:56] Speaker A: Well, she looks to you all in turn, starting with you. Rank. Why? [00:11:02] Speaker C: Why did she look at me first? I just sort of shift a bit uncomfortably and say it's worse. It's difficult to say, isn't it? There are sometimes I think this. There's no one particular person who does threaten Alicia the most. It's too busy tearing itself apart since Tavareen died. The problem started well before that. [00:11:25] Speaker A: She turns her head to look at you. At her? [00:11:31] Speaker D: Well, I don't much like the city guard kind of glancing towards Cavern's probably still bruised face. And Frieda to that. To that map for that matter, because of our fight recently. But, uh. Anyone that destroys knowledge is also not really in my good books, personally. [00:12:02] Speaker A: She nods and turns her eyes to you. Algernon. [00:12:09] Speaker F: Quite. I'm not a big fan of Algav. If only there was somewhere to keep closer tabs on his activities. [00:12:21] Speaker A: Her look carried on to Cavern. [00:12:26] Speaker E: Well, if you've been keeping tabs on us, you can probably tell I'm not in great favour with the city guard at the moment. And he sort of gestures to all of himself. But I still hold fast that especially the children of Aya, and not particularly in my best graces. [00:12:53] Speaker A: She finally turns to you, Frida. [00:12:57] Speaker B: In my opinion, the ones that threaten most are those who exploit other people without giving them a fair chance. I think there's a few groups in this city that would fit that mark. The church comes to mind. [00:13:20] Speaker A: She finally nods. She nods in response to your answer. I find that the faith, the guard, even the pillars, they are not the real threat here. You see, they're all predictable. They all move in certain ways, and once you know how they move, you can. You can stay out of their grips. The real threat are the unknown quantities of the chaotic factions, and we've been looking for the kindling for quite some time. We don't know where they came from. We don't know why so many people are finding themselves gracing their doors, but we do know that support for their rampant nihilism is growing. I see that you've already had a bit of a run in with some of their allies. Those hollow nut jobs who've thrown their lot in with this crazy, crazy faction. [00:14:43] Speaker B: I got the impression that they were just a bunch of lunatics. What makes you think they're dangerous? [00:14:51] Speaker A: Because they're a bunch of lunatics. Lunatics with a purpose. And it's a purpose that we find boring. And with all of that fervor and all of that encouragement, all pointed in the same direction. Only bad things can come of that. But that's a problem for another day. We're yet to see the see the kindling show their hand. And we've been looking, trying to find it, but they're almost as good. As good as us keeping things discreet. I'd like us to turn to a somewhat more pressing matter. She looks to you, Algernon. I'm sure you've seen all of the hubbub with the sangrevar in the city. [00:15:54] Speaker F: It's of my best interest to keep an eye on it. [00:15:58] Speaker A: I wouldn't be surprised if you've also been targeted, Mister Catwolter, by the watch and their somewhat persuasive instruction. [00:16:14] Speaker F: They've come close a couple times. [00:16:19] Speaker A: We're not entirely sure why Algarve made such a racket gathering all those Sangrevar together, but we know that he's up to something. He's not been particularly forthright about it in my presence during the day, and he's been surprisingly discreet between with his communications with the black guard. But we do know that one of those rounded up a high profile target, is currently being held in the keep. Now, I'm believe that you are smugglers, and this may be the first time that you've met. You're going to be asked to smuggle a live package. We need you to get into the keep to find this high profile target that Algarve's got secreted away. And we need you to bring them to us so we can find out or try to figure out why on earth they got rounded up in the first place. And the reason why I've summoned my colleagues here, she says, gesturing to the cobbles and the onishi, is that this will be a concerted effort. We will be providing supports and a smokescreen for you to do your work to improve our chances as best we can. [00:18:00] Speaker B: I just ask, when she says that, can I look around the table? How many of these people around the table look like they actually want us here? And Frida's basing that off of the mujani to her left sort of reaction when she sat down. [00:18:21] Speaker A: So the cobble. So musto is sort of like, smiling. It's. It's clear that, like, he's still riding on the wave of being acknowledged earlier by, by algernon, but it's. It's clear that he's like, he's just happy to be here. The majority. The majority man that kind of sneered at you isn't looking at in your direction anymore. But you notice that there is a look of kind of disciplined determination upon all of their faces. And Algernon, you, from what you know, Algernon and Atta, actually, from what you know of, like, the elysian underworld, like they are, but they get the job done. They are ruthless, brutal, efficient, and whether or not they like a particular job is kind of second place to getting the job done. So, frieda, you do kind of get this impression that they are very aloof and very kind of insular. But the fact that they're here suggests that they're here to get the job done as well. [00:19:51] Speaker B: Okay. [00:19:52] Speaker A: Yeah. They might not come to have drinks with you after. [00:20:00] Speaker E: So this, this hype profile package. [00:20:09] Speaker A: Do. [00:20:09] Speaker E: You know who they are. [00:20:15] Speaker F: For the. [00:20:15] Speaker A: First time since you've met her? Like, songbird has had quite a poker face on her. She's been quite like. She is a. It's a look of determination, to be sure, but it's been quite stoic, and it's not really changed. It's a face that says, I'm in charge here. But as you ask that question, you see a flicker of doubt. I do not. I didn't even know that he was keeping one of them in the keep. He's been real, real shy about it. All the others, they were paraded right into bell tower. But this. This unknown ringleader, maybe like a guest special enough that they get the accommodations of the keep itself. Yes. [00:21:19] Speaker D: Atom, do we know if magpies friend was marched in with the rest of the crowds? Or secretly? Do we know that? Because I think we know that they got. [00:21:32] Speaker C: We know it rounded up. Yeah. [00:21:35] Speaker A: Yeah, Frieda. So, yeah, Frieda reported that Samuel was marched into bell tower along with all the other Sangreva. Except for this one, it would seem. So. That's the job. We're going to give you some time to prepare. So we're going to be launching our attack tomorrow night. There's a changing of the guard. We'll use that to our advantage. [00:22:06] Speaker E: And when you say attack, what do you mean? [00:22:11] Speaker A: You getting into the keep, us helping you get into the keep, and us making as much noise as we can to keep eyes off the keep. It'll be an easy enough job. The only real threat to be wary of are the black guard. And there's a wry smile on her face. [00:22:37] Speaker C: Quite the thrill. [00:22:40] Speaker A: Yeah. So don't let them see you. Or if they do see you, run faster than them. Any questions? [00:22:53] Speaker F: How long have you been at Algarve's right hand side? And how did you get there? Quite an impressive feat. [00:23:04] Speaker A: For some months now, his previous aide had an unfortunate accident with the underside of a canal boat. [00:23:19] Speaker F: Yes, I've heard that happens nowadays. [00:23:22] Speaker C: A lot of it going around. [00:23:28] Speaker A: You notice that, as she says, that, like, songbird doesn't look smug or, like, impressive. It's a very matter of fact. It is an opportunity to get information that I might not otherwise be privy to. And as I was saying earlier, with predictability, that baldwit hasn't got a faintest idea. [00:23:55] Speaker B: Well, if I'd have known this, I wouldn't have picked that fight with those pipsqueaks last night. I can tell you. My head is killing me. [00:24:06] Speaker A: We appreciate that this is a tall order, so anything we can do to help, we are more than happy to oblige. And as she says that, she glances over the Ilneishi family. And like any of you who glance across as well, notice that lady knoll, like the matriarch, is kind of looking over in your directions as well. There's a couple of, like, side eyes in your direction. Because you retrieving this asset will be for the betterment of all of us. [00:24:44] Speaker B: Can't argue with that. [00:24:46] Speaker A: Where are you starting from. What is it that you think you're going to need to do to gather information? [00:24:53] Speaker D: The thing that springs to my mind is whether or not we can, like, go to or have access to any, like, public registries of, like, Sanguvar, either legal or illegal, so that we can better understand the mark, because I'm worried that they might not want to come with us. Like, if we find them. [00:25:15] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah, you could do, like, registries. There'll be registry offices in Abbott's gate, for sure. [00:25:23] Speaker B: Yeah. Maybe on Ata's point, it might be a case of who's. Who's not accounted for. Right. [00:25:31] Speaker A: Okay, good. What. So comparing. So if you're looking to get, like, documentation of who was rounded up and who's been processed in bell tower. [00:25:43] Speaker B: Yeah. Because then I'd sort of. I guess you'd be looking at a process of elimination. It's not gonna be perfect, but it might be able to round down a little bit. [00:25:51] Speaker A: Sure. [00:25:53] Speaker E: Especially if someone looks relatively high profile. [00:25:56] Speaker A: Who. Okay, I mean, that sounds like a good idea. Who's. Who's wanting to do that? And where would you like to do it? [00:26:03] Speaker F: I think it's some. It's something that I can do. I can go to Abbott's gate. I might dig around in the intelligence course. Intelligence? See if I can still access a few back doors. [00:26:17] Speaker A: That sounds good. So when you say dig around with the EIC, are you heading to Trito hall? The home of the EIC? [00:26:30] Speaker F: Yeah. [00:26:31] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. Um. In which case. Okay, so as we kind of fast forward to the. The prep stage. Yeah. Make me a role that you think is appropriate. I would imagine, studying. Yeah, not bad. Okay, so you. So you make it. Describe to me how you get through. Sort of, like, the front, the first line of security, which is all you really need to get to. To get to, like, records. How are you sneaking in? [00:27:16] Speaker F: I'm gonna just hang around until I recognize somebody that I knew from, like, ten years ago when I was first recruited. Most people probably don't know I'm back in Alicia, or even still alive. [00:27:33] Speaker A: Sure, sure. [00:27:34] Speaker F: So if there's, like, one of my colleagues who was in the same class as me. Yeah, I'm just gonna bump into them. [00:27:43] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. In which case, as you're kind of loitering around very purposefully, you hear my private. God, algae, is that you? And then you turn. There is a. There is a. Like, an ace of our man, you know, your age, hair kind of slicked over, and you recognize Vertrand, who was somewhat of the college, like, the class clown Vertrend. [00:28:23] Speaker F: I've come in from the cold, old boy. [00:28:26] Speaker A: It's been forever in a day since I've seen. I didn't realize you were in town when, you know, everything went bang. But I can't believe I haven't seen you in all this time. How are you doing? I just. [00:28:40] Speaker F: I just about squeaked my ass for the door before everything went tits up, as they say. [00:28:46] Speaker A: I suspect you rue that moment ever for the last two years. And he sort of like, puts a arm around you, leads you up to sort like, the security gates, and just kind of waves to the guards and, like, you're let through with them after a very, kind of. An unnecessarily lengthy cup of coffee. Like a cup of tea. Um, you're able to sort like he. He excuses himself to go to the loo. [00:29:18] Speaker F: Sure. And during. During that cup of tea, I would have, like, made a point of showing him my eye, my irises. [00:29:25] Speaker A: Yes. [00:29:26] Speaker F: And being like, I'm a little bit concerned, old boy, that, uh, some of my ursular colleagues might be coming for me. You wouldn't know if there's any intelligence lying around which would help me get the jump on him? [00:29:38] Speaker A: Oh, well, I mean, yeah, it's. I can. I didn't want to mention. I didn't know if it was a precious subject, but possibly. I mean, there was obviously the guard had. Had all those, you know, rounded up all those distance. But tell you what, here's. Here's my. [00:29:59] Speaker E: His. [00:29:59] Speaker A: A visitor's pass. You'll find the records room down a floor on the third left. Don't try not to make yourself too visible. Someone you don't want anyone asking more than a cursory question. [00:30:22] Speaker F: Invisible is my specialty. [00:30:24] Speaker A: Very good. Very good. Right, well, I am going to give you the perfect cover because I'm dying for a piss. So. It was lovely to see you, Algernon. I will hopefully see you sooner, perhaps. Perhaps after the next global catastrophe. [00:30:44] Speaker F: Well, I'm doing my best to avert it. [00:30:48] Speaker A: And Bertrand nods. And then it looks like he was genuinely kind of gagging for a week because he scarpers quite quickly. Cool. [00:30:58] Speaker F: I'm gonna head to those records. [00:30:59] Speaker A: Sure. So inside, you do manage to find, like, it's been recently processed, but it is a list of all of the sangr that been kind of arrested recently, like, transfer papers and whatnot. So with that, are you. Well, you've got that. How are you, like, how are you gonna match who's not on it or who is on it? And whatnot. Or are you comparing arrests to transfer? [00:31:30] Speaker F: Some of these have been reported in the press, so I can sort of begin eliminating names. Yeah, just, just have a look through the list and see if there's any name that jumps out. [00:31:40] Speaker A: Sure. [00:31:41] Speaker F: As so unusual within the arrestees, you're. [00:31:44] Speaker A: As you're looking through, like one of the names that springs out is Amringer and his two daughters. They seem to have all been rounded up. You notice Samuel, the, like the friend that magpies spoken of. The others are just names that of kind of various ace of are that you know from around the city. Like some of the names you've heard of. Um, interestingly, when you compare, uh, like the arrests made to the list of those transferred to Bell Tower, it looks like it's a one to one, suggesting that whoever is in the keep never made it onto the record. [00:32:34] Speaker F: They're so hope high profile. They're keeping them a secret, off the books. [00:32:38] Speaker C: Arrest. [00:32:40] Speaker D: Are there any names, like on the register that are, like John McJohnson, like a very like, fake name? Like, do you know what I mean? That's like say the numbers match up, but sure. Sus name. [00:32:57] Speaker A: Surprisingly not. No, they all look. I mean, obviously some of the names, you wouldn't know if they were kind of real or not, but they're all like, it's all formatted correctly. All the t's are dot crossed and all the I's are dotted. Yeah, it looks like that is. Yeah. If nothing else, you've got a list of all the people that have been rounded up. [00:33:20] Speaker B: Now what about looking for things like redacted documents? [00:33:28] Speaker A: So algorithm Azure, kind of showing everyone the documents that you've come away with. This look like the thing that struck you is that this looks like the most. It almost looks too perfectly done. Like it is squeaky clean. This record keeping and Al Gore on you. Like, you know that the EIC are better for process than the city watch. But the moment you introduce a city watch, there is an inherent level of sloppiness that kind of gets mixed into things. But this is, I mean, the fact that it's one to one, da da da da da da da da. There's been that much due care and attention put into what are supposed to be dissidents and like, troublemakers. Yeah, that's. That's what you kind of gain from, that whoever is in the tower isn't publicly known to be in the tower kind of thing. Perhaps not even the EIC or. Yeah, the record keepers don't know of this person. Not officially, who's doing the next gather. [00:34:52] Speaker D: Okay, so I've been reading about the different landmarks. [00:34:56] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:34:57] Speaker D: In Saints Hollow, there's the descent and there's the ghetto. And I'm wondering if I imagine. Although Dan let me know. I imagine the descent is not accessible because that's another type of area of the prison. It sounds like other prisoners go to the descent. [00:35:13] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:35:14] Speaker A: So the descent is from fundamentally, like a large tunnel within the prison grounds. [00:35:20] Speaker B: Right. [00:35:20] Speaker A: It's like high security, but yeah. Prisoners, like chain gangs, are led down into. Down the descent, which leads to the sewers underneath Elysia. Like the deep sewers. [00:35:34] Speaker D: Right. [00:35:35] Speaker A: And they are rat hunting. [00:35:38] Speaker D: Yes. The cannibalistic rats. I read expensive. But I'm wondering maybe then if in the ghetto, like, if somebody. You're not going to want to walk a special vip in through the front door. Maybe they went through the tunnels. So maybe if we can find somebody that knows the sewer network and or the ghetto, they might have seen some sus. Activity for another entrance into the prison. That's the only other thing that I sort of can think of. [00:36:08] Speaker B: I tell you what, especially if. Is there any, like, cross referencing that kind of idea with this list of people who. Because why keep thinking is there's a whole list of people who've been rounded up and taken, which means that behind that list of people, there are potentially dozens or even hundreds of hissed off family members, friends and colleagues that have had, you know, people taken away from them. Is there anyone on that list that might be able to help us with in respect to sort of Atta's. Very good idea, by the way, so thank you for sharing it. [00:36:54] Speaker A: I mean. Well, I mean, Algernon, you're looking at a list of, like, 40 people. So, yeah, theoretically, there will be close to 40 families worth of disgruntled people. That said, bear in mind, songbird knows, that they were taken to the keep, not the prison. [00:37:21] Speaker F: Yeah, the keep is like the castle where I'll go city. [00:37:28] Speaker A: Yeah. So this. This high profile target is in the keep in Spire park. [00:37:34] Speaker B: But still, how did they get him in there? [00:37:38] Speaker D: I suppose if the sewers are still a potential way into many places, I could go and speak to Asma, who lives on the canals, in the sewers, and see maybe what she's seen around or heard around. That's my only sewer. [00:37:55] Speaker F: She might know if there's, like, a traitor's gate or something that people use to get prisoners into the keep via the canals. [00:38:04] Speaker A: Sure, sure. Okay. That sounds like a consort atta. [00:38:09] Speaker D: Good grief. I've got zero dicing consort, so I'm gonna. [00:38:13] Speaker B: Would you like Frida to come with you? [00:38:16] Speaker D: Consort with my grandma. [00:38:18] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:38:18] Speaker D: Well, my. Not grandma, but pseudo grandma. [00:38:22] Speaker A: Adopted grandma. [00:38:23] Speaker D: Yeah. Please. That would be. That would be great. [00:38:29] Speaker B: I will come with. And I will do a consort because I have a good consort. [00:38:34] Speaker A: Sure. So, yeah, Frida, you have to squat somewhat like stoop as you go through these tunnels. That is just happily, like, skipping along and, like. It's foul. It's foul down here, but at least these are sort of like the higher echelons of the sewer system. The higher levels rather than the deep sewers. Yeah. Roll you, consort. We'll see what happens. [00:39:02] Speaker B: What position and effect are we doing? [00:39:06] Speaker A: Just risky. Standard, because it's gather information. Okay, so Frida, you find yourself, like, at her. Describe the room that you're having a chat with Nana in. [00:39:34] Speaker D: I haven't smelled the smell in a while, but, like, you know, when you've left your rats and or ferrets perhaps a little bit too long without a cage clean out, there's definitely that funk going on. Never have I imagined I would never. [00:39:52] Speaker A: I would never. [00:39:54] Speaker D: But, yeah, there's. There's definitely a funk. And I think the canal boat is kind of a smaller version, so it's like quite squat. It's like a kind of 30 footer instead of the standard 42. But, yeah, it's sort of like, got a few mushroom planters that aren't really doing very well on the top of the roof. It's like, kind of like crystal ball lady decor with, like, beaded curtains everywhere, doilies, suspicious looking teas. And obviously, as many people will know, with elderly relatives, very, very old biscuits in biscuit tins, like, from probably before the fail. It's like the worst biscuits ever. [00:40:48] Speaker B: Frieda is trying really hard not to knock things over. [00:40:52] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah. This is a proper, like, Gandalf in Bilbo's house kind of moment where you're. You're kind of perched on a seat that is clearly sized for a goblin, not a big wolf king woman like you. And as you like, in front of you, it's almost a mirror image of atta to. What's Nana's name again? Sorry? Asma. Asma. But yeah, as. So Nana Asma has got this, like, big wide brims, kind of hat, thin hair kind of hanging down from the back of it. But she's looking at you with this jovial thing, and she's been whittering at you for a good kind of 20 minutes, just you ask the question. She tangented, but eventually kind of comes around to. What was the question again, dear? [00:41:52] Speaker B: So, uh, uh, uh, uh, misses. Misses Asma, was it? Um, we were. [00:41:59] Speaker A: Call me Nana. [00:42:01] Speaker B: Nana. Right. Nana. So, Nana, what we want to know is if I was gonna sneak someone into the key, how might I do it? You must have been roaming around these places, these sewers, for years, and you must know all the. All the best kept secrets. [00:42:27] Speaker A: Well, whenever I see a big, juicy rat that I really want, but I'm worried that the other rats are going to get it first, I do is I throw a smaller, griblier rat in the other direction, and then they all go scampering after it. And then I snatch up the big, juicy one and then have it for my tea. [00:42:56] Speaker B: Rita sort of looks at her like, right. [00:43:02] Speaker D: I think the criblier rat is the. The big group of sangrevoir that are. The juicy rat is, you know, maybe the interesting one. [00:43:22] Speaker A: Because while they're all chewing down on that gribbly sinewy mess of a rat, I can just toddle off, do what I want. Everyone's looking. All the rats are looking the other way. [00:43:32] Speaker D: Yeah, I see. [00:43:35] Speaker B: But how would you. How do you think you would best slip past this group of rats fighting over the gribbly rat breeders? Trying really hard to talk in this metaphor, I'm finding a bit difficult. [00:43:59] Speaker A: She. She kind of. Oh, well, that's EASY. I just wear my rap coat. And she points and over, like, hanging from a coat hook in the corner room is a. What looks like a. Like a raincoat, but, like, stitch in a vertical. Stitched into the fabric are just all of these, like, by the tails, just rats just hanging down. Makes me smell just like one of them. [00:44:29] Speaker B: Oh, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ doesn't exist in this world, does it? [00:44:41] Speaker A: Yeah, sometimes just looking like them, they could just wander right past. [00:44:47] Speaker D: Oh, maybe they dressed as sanguivar up like blackguard or black guards wear masks, right? [00:44:58] Speaker B: Oh, that would be a conspiracy and a half. [00:45:01] Speaker A: They do. They do. [00:45:05] Speaker D: I mean, nobody wants to go near the blackguard, so it's kind of a perfect disguise to put someone in if you don't want them approached. [00:45:22] Speaker A: So either it. You've got one more follow up question before Nana has to have her nap. [00:45:30] Speaker B: I don't suppose that you would mind. Mind assisting us with our own rat problem, would you, Nana? We could. We might need to squirrel a certain rat away from a situation, and I think maybe these sewers might be the best way to do it. [00:45:55] Speaker A: She kind of looks at you for a moment, like, her eyes start glazing over slightly, and then she turns to look to you at her and, well, you look like you could do with a good meal. So if you've got a big juicy vat that you want to sneak away from wherever is you're sneaking away from so you can tuck into it for dinner, absolutely. I'll give you some seasoning for it as well, dear. She says. [00:46:22] Speaker D: Thank you, asthma. [00:46:24] Speaker B: Peter sort of leans into atta and just whispers, she's not eat our prisoner, is she? [00:46:31] Speaker D: Unless he. They're all right. [00:46:34] Speaker B: Rat. [00:46:35] Speaker D: Just atta starts thinking of a giant rat in a black guard. Like. [00:46:44] Speaker A: Yes, it would seem that if you were looking to escape via the sewers. Yeah, asthma could come pick you up, potentially. [00:46:54] Speaker B: We go back and we relay that weird tale to everyone else. [00:47:02] Speaker A: Cavern or magpie? How are you spicing the pudding? [00:47:08] Speaker C: I've got two thoughts. I don't know if you've got anything. [00:47:13] Speaker E: In mind, Nate, let's hear yours. [00:47:18] Speaker C: Right, so, number one, hearing about rats, dressing as a rat to catch a rat and all that, and the idea that the prisoner might have gone into the tower as a black guard makes me think we should get some kind of disguise that makes it look like we should be there. Maybe not actual blackguard uniform, but some type of guard or orderlies or whatever, just so that at least that might buy us a few seconds at some point. Might help us also. Just like, keep low profile while we're in there until we've got the prisoner and we're trying to escape. The other thought was, would it not be helpful to have some idea of the layout of the tower? But I don't imagine that is public record. So probably we'd have to steal that information or bribe that information out of someone. So those are my two thoughts. [00:48:15] Speaker F: It would be helpful to know if he's there. This sangreva is being kept in the dungeon or if he's up in the tower. Like, we can't just. Error. [00:48:27] Speaker C: Yeah, we should have some idea of what. Where we're aiming for. [00:48:31] Speaker A: I mean, you. Yeah, you kind of. Well, it's up to you. So the layout of the keep is one thing, like the rough location of where this prisoner might be is another, if you want. But bear in mind that you've got the cobbles, the marionettes and the illnessee kind of at your beck and call to help. So if you want, you can ask Songbird if she can either get you, like, the layout or she can start to try to figure out roughly where they are or anything, actually. I mean, she's within the keep, so. [00:49:18] Speaker F: She'S the inside man. Yeah. [00:49:20] Speaker A: So what you asking? Who you asking? Where you ask him? [00:49:23] Speaker C: Well, might. Maybe we should see if Nate's got anything or how we want to sort of divide those questions out first. [00:49:38] Speaker E: I kind of want to know just when Songbird says that they're gonna create a distraction, I kind of want to know, like, what exactly they're gonna cause a distraction. What is the distraction they're gonna cause? [00:49:53] Speaker A: So, Songba would have explained that fundamentally, whatever you need, the marionettes, ilneishi and the cobbles to do, they can go out and do it. Bear in mind that the marionettes are, like, expert sneaks, so they can do things undetected. The cobbles are numerous and wide spanning, so if you need just, like, smoke screens or them to cause trouble, then you can do that. And the il Naishi are like, if there's. I mean, they're quite Okie spooky. Feel nice. She. You know that there's, like, Al gonna. You know that there's a lot of kind of occult practice that happens within the family. But you also know that, well, you all would know that over the past couple of years, anyone who's found themselves on the ornai, she's naughty lists quite regularly go missing. [00:50:55] Speaker B: I've got an idea for distraction. So, coming back to that list, and we were saying about loads of disgruntled families, do you think there's enough for us to start inciting a good old fashioned riot? Maybe one that the sort of il Naishi in the underground can help, you know, sort of jettison it so it gets to the point where it's a little bit out of hand. [00:51:26] Speaker C: A demonstration outside the tower that goes a bit wrong and becomes a riot. [00:51:31] Speaker B: Or maybe just a little bit, few streets away, like in another little section that brings all the blackguard out of the tower? [00:51:39] Speaker A: Okay, so, I mean, the cobbles could have the numbers to spread out and gather people, to have a little Barney in the memorial park. [00:51:50] Speaker B: I think we need to make it so it's like it gets out of hand, because what we want to do is not just a few people with, like, you know, we don't just want a few people with placards or anything like that. We want it to get out of hand enough that the blackguard feel, you know, it necessary to show up. [00:52:09] Speaker A: Sure. [00:52:10] Speaker F: We can set. [00:52:11] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:52:11] Speaker F: Get the cobbles to instigate it. [00:52:13] Speaker A: Sure. [00:52:14] Speaker F: Muster in with lazy, lazy Tom and. [00:52:16] Speaker A: No Tom, no Tom. Okay. Yeah. So you. [00:52:21] Speaker B: Tom, too. [00:52:22] Speaker A: So the cobbles will go ahead and do that. So I'll make a roll for them to see how well they do, like, when the. When the time comes. So that's. That's certainly covered. Anything else? [00:52:38] Speaker C: I think magpies gonna talk to songbird about trying to figure out where. Where are we striking? Like, where are we most likely to find this mystery high value package? [00:52:51] Speaker B: Sure. [00:52:52] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:52:52] Speaker A: So, songbird nods to you, and I think I can sort that out. She says, let me go ahead and roll. She is going to attempt to prowl. Um. [00:53:10] Speaker B: Nice crit. [00:53:13] Speaker E: What a babe. [00:53:14] Speaker C: What a babe. [00:53:16] Speaker B: Okay, basically, he's down the corridor, two doors on the left. [00:53:23] Speaker C: If you get to the water fountain, you've gone too far. [00:53:25] Speaker A: Right. So, um, you ask songbird if she can get this information because you've got a bit of time. She comes back that evening, like, late. Well said. Yeah, she went to check in the day, and then that evening, just, like, before the midnight, that you have to do the job, she approaches you and says what? She gives you the exact location. Specifically, it's the northwestern tower. [00:53:54] Speaker C: Okay, cool. [00:53:57] Speaker A: At the top, she finds it odd that it wasn't in the dungeons. [00:54:08] Speaker F: But. [00:54:09] Speaker A: Off the back of a crate. You can ask quite a few follow up questions. [00:54:14] Speaker C: Oh, boy. What questions do we want to ask people? So we know we need to get to the top of the northwestern tower. [00:54:23] Speaker B: How do we do that? [00:54:24] Speaker A: What? [00:54:24] Speaker B: The defenses, you know, tell us everything. [00:54:27] Speaker C: About the mission, Dan. [00:54:29] Speaker B: Tell us everything. [00:54:30] Speaker A: Like, you know, how we got a quick. [00:54:35] Speaker D: How many locked doors is always a good question. [00:54:37] Speaker C: I guess. [00:54:38] Speaker E: I mean, how long would it take to actually get up there? Like, we don't know whether or not the northwest tower is literally just like, the next door on the left, whether or not it's, like, a ten minute, like, spiral staircase. [00:54:53] Speaker B: Well, how often do the guards go and take a poo break? [00:54:56] Speaker A: Well, so, yeah, she. She tells you that. Like, she's able to tell you that the top of the tower seems to be guarded by one black guard, but there are a number of, like, city watch in that area, and they pass by this black guard that they pass by the room. So, potentially, if you were to acquire some disguises, if you were to disguise yourselves as watch, the black guard might not necessarily think to look at you particularly closely. [00:55:40] Speaker C: Nice. [00:55:42] Speaker A: She is able. Off the back of a crit. She is also able to give you, like, a very. A discreet route up to the tower. So if you follow off, it will. It will make kind of the job significantly easier. [00:56:00] Speaker C: Nice. Nice, nice, nice. [00:56:02] Speaker A: That includes, like, a couple of, like, secretary doorways in fireplace kind of thing. [00:56:08] Speaker E: Secret passageways. [00:56:12] Speaker A: Yeah, she. She fundamentally gives you the roadmap to getting to. To the door, and then everything that happens after that is up to you. [00:56:22] Speaker B: Nice. [00:56:23] Speaker C: For XP purposes. Do I get credit for that crit, Dan? Because it's a desperate. [00:56:30] Speaker A: No, sure. You know what? Sure, sure. Why not? [00:56:43] Speaker E: Are we thinking disguises? Are we thinking, do we want city watch disguises? [00:56:53] Speaker F: I have an idea. [00:56:54] Speaker C: I think so, maybe. Oh, go on. [00:56:56] Speaker F: A couple of you were disguised as city watch. You could arrest me. [00:57:03] Speaker A: That's so cool. But then wouldn't you be going to bell tower rather than keep. [00:57:10] Speaker F: No, because I'm. I'm such a dangerous instigator. [00:57:13] Speaker C: They're special. [00:57:14] Speaker F: They can't put me with the other sangreva. [00:57:16] Speaker A: Okay, okay. Yeah, we put you in a Hannibal mask. [00:57:23] Speaker E: Well, we've got the mask that covers your face. [00:57:28] Speaker A: Okay. I mean, that sounds. That sounds legit. So, I mean, it's in. It sounds like if you were to acquire some disguises, then you would be starting this kind of job using social. Because you're trying to snow cool. Deception. Sorry. [00:57:49] Speaker B: I reckon I know where we could get some disguises. Oh, go on then. Cavern and. Hang on. Shall we say it at the same time? See if we've got the same thought? [00:58:00] Speaker A: No. [00:58:06] Speaker B: I was thinking the whore houses. [00:58:10] Speaker E: As well, but maybe different. Make me different. [00:58:14] Speaker C: Do you want to get. [00:58:14] Speaker E: Should we go to the whole house? Should we go? [00:58:22] Speaker A: So are you. You heading to. To the pleasure palaces of celestry? [00:58:28] Speaker E: Yeah. Can I go and talk to my friend? Can I talk to my friend Amber Rose? [00:58:32] Speaker A: Amber. Yeah, absolutely can. So in which case, yeah, you head to. The two of you head to celestry, and, uh, you. What cavern? What is the name of the place that amber works at? [00:58:53] Speaker E: I like to think it's called, like, the bouquet or something like that. And all of the girls have, like, different, like, flower names. [00:59:01] Speaker A: Okay. It's the blushing bouquet. How's that? [00:59:05] Speaker E: Nice. Nice. [00:59:06] Speaker A: Okay, so you. You head to the blushing bouquet in celestry and speaking to the, like, the ignomin sprite at the front, you ask if Rose is available. And, like, you're led inside into this kind of low lit, like, candle lit drapes everywhere kind of room with, like, little coins drilled through, like, hanging around and a strong smell of incense. And a few moments later, a red haired loravar sweeps in and cavern. Nate, this is your chance to screw me. What? [00:59:57] Speaker B: What? [00:59:58] Speaker A: How does Amber rose present herself? Like what's her voice like? [01:00:05] Speaker E: I would say that she has. I kind of want her to have one of those like high squeaky voices. [01:00:14] Speaker A: Okay, can you at least. [01:00:15] Speaker E: I'm not saying it's Brian blessed like Livy did in. [01:00:21] Speaker C: What'S going to go. [01:00:22] Speaker B: With like M and s advert kind of voice. But no, high squeaky is great. [01:00:27] Speaker A: Are we talking like valley girl high squeaky? [01:00:30] Speaker E: I'm thinking like, well, not so much high squeaky, but I'm thinking like Marilyn Monroe in like, which one is it? [01:00:40] Speaker C: Breathy. Breathy and husky. [01:00:41] Speaker E: Just like where? [01:00:43] Speaker A: It's just like. [01:00:44] Speaker E: Just like that. [01:00:45] Speaker C: That's all of them. That was just Marilyn Monroe. That's her style. [01:00:49] Speaker B: In which case, birthday. [01:00:52] Speaker A: Yeah, so the. [01:00:55] Speaker C: Do your huskiest Marilyn Monroe. [01:00:58] Speaker A: So the drapes open and, well, I'll be. [01:01:04] Speaker C: Hey, sugar. [01:01:08] Speaker A: I wasn't expecting two of you. She says, looking at you. Cavern and then Frieda. [01:01:14] Speaker E: Oh, Amber, you saucy little minx. How are you, my dear? [01:01:19] Speaker A: Oh, you know, things have been good, but I, I'm, I'm hearing that you might be here for business rather than pleasure, though. [01:01:29] Speaker E: Unfortunately, yes, yes. [01:01:34] Speaker A: How can we help? She says, and she like perches on your lap like side saddle. [01:01:42] Speaker E: We know that you cater for a lot of different people in this. A lot of different tastes. Do any of your patrons ever fancy as much as. They're a disgust to myself. Any city guard. [01:02:05] Speaker A: She gives you a look that says, come now. Of course there are. Well, I mean, there are most numerous clientele. [01:02:18] Speaker E: Then I would take it that you would have some outfits for some certain role play. [01:02:28] Speaker A: She, she thinks about it and well, maybe for you, I'm sure I could dig something up. And if, if we do, we'll see if you've got. We've got your size. If we haven't, then perhaps when one of them were cuffed to the bed post, we'll just accidentally lose the key for a while. Fantastic. [01:02:49] Speaker E: I love the way that you work. [01:02:52] Speaker A: She boops you on the snoot. And yes, she lets you know that you what she'll do her best. Please roll me a consortium. Can I do an assistance on this or you may. It's one stress. [01:03:15] Speaker B: Okay, that's fine. Boom stress. [01:03:20] Speaker A: Okay, so you get an extra dice or effect dice, presumably. [01:03:30] Speaker C: That's pretty good. [01:03:31] Speaker B: Not bad, not bad. [01:03:32] Speaker A: Okay, so yeah, that evening you, one of the courier arrives with a parcel that contains. How many disguises did you ask for? [01:03:49] Speaker E: Who wants to disguise? [01:03:51] Speaker B: I assume Frida will, because Frida is probably the most city watch looking person of the lottery. [01:03:57] Speaker E: I've got a wonderful ability. That means when I'm in disguise, I get a plus one dice. [01:04:01] Speaker A: So you should definitely. Yeah, okay. [01:04:09] Speaker C: Yeah, possibly. I always like the idea of not being seen at all, so I don't know. I'm happy to be in disguise if people want me in disguise. [01:04:19] Speaker A: Okay. [01:04:20] Speaker B: Hidden in plain sight. [01:04:21] Speaker A: And that's unusual for. We won't need one for Algernon Atta. [01:04:28] Speaker D: Are there, like, other things that we could have just. I don't know, like, I know that city watch is, like, gonna go past the blackguard, but if. I'm sort of wondering if there's just, like, keep. [01:04:45] Speaker A: Sorry, the old washerwoman. Oh, this king gets so dusty. [01:04:51] Speaker E: What does atta want to dress up as? [01:04:55] Speaker D: French maid costume. There you go. Fantastic. Without any other significantly useful ideas, it would be probably still city watch. But if there are key particulars, attendants, like, I don't know, housekeepers. Housekeepers get everywhere there must be. Right? Some housekeepers. And keep. I'm just wondering if they suspect the city guard, then we're all getting caught in the city. [01:05:30] Speaker C: I think you're right. I think. I think splitting our disguises up is a good idea. [01:05:34] Speaker A: Okay, so why would four city guard. [01:05:38] Speaker C: Be escorting one sangrip? [01:05:40] Speaker A: Okay, so to two uniforms for the city guard and then magpie and atom might just be like inverted commons, inverted commas. Like servant goals. Like, sure. How. Keep maids. Yeah, keep maids. Okay. [01:05:58] Speaker E: Those skirts are particularly high. [01:06:01] Speaker A: Sure. Okay. I. Okay, so it seems like you've got your method of entry. We're pretty much settled on deception. You know where you're going. You've got some vague sense of an escape route like you need. If you can get down to the sewers somehow, then you can troddle on out. It seems like you're pretty much ready for the job. [01:06:29] Speaker B: One last. [01:06:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:06:32] Speaker B: Can I make a request to songbird? [01:06:35] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah. Bear in mind she was busy doing. [01:06:41] Speaker B: Or maybe not even songbird. It might be better for, like, the mujani. But I mentioned earlier that, like, you know, my head was quite hurty and I was going to ask if there was anyone around that table that could maybe help patch us up a little bit before we start the job. [01:07:00] Speaker C: What a great idea. [01:07:03] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:07:04] Speaker B: Bit of therapy wouldn't go amiss. [01:07:08] Speaker C: Bit of therapy get us stressed out. [01:07:10] Speaker B: Any psychology? [01:07:11] Speaker D: Bath salts and candles for stress reduction. [01:07:15] Speaker A: Nice massage. [01:07:16] Speaker E: It'd be lovely. [01:07:20] Speaker B: But not on the feet. No more footsteps. [01:07:23] Speaker A: That's how we got in this problem. [01:07:24] Speaker E: In the first place. [01:07:26] Speaker C: Yeah. [01:07:27] Speaker A: So you can certainly ask uh, lady knoll, if she's got any, like, tinctures or potions, please. Yeah, roll me a. I think this is gonna have to be a sway. [01:07:47] Speaker B: A sway? Oh, I've got a little. [01:07:51] Speaker A: And you've got to complete. [01:07:52] Speaker E: Is that both of us? [01:07:57] Speaker A: If one wants to help or not. [01:08:00] Speaker E: What's your sway? [01:08:02] Speaker B: My sway is one. [01:08:03] Speaker E: I've got two. [01:08:04] Speaker B: I've got two. [01:08:05] Speaker A: Ooh. [01:08:08] Speaker B: I don't know if I can help you, though, because I've already taken a stress helping with the last one. [01:08:12] Speaker E: Yeah. Do you want me to. Do you want me to go? [01:08:15] Speaker B: Yeah, go on, then. [01:08:17] Speaker E: Right, then. [01:08:18] Speaker B: I'll ice way is more. [01:08:21] Speaker E: I'll bat my pretty little eyes that she can't see. [01:08:24] Speaker B: Please. Oh, nice. [01:08:30] Speaker A: Okay. Are you heading to, like, the onishi manor to ask this? Are you asking them on home turf, or are you asking before you left to head to celestry? [01:08:49] Speaker E: I would say we're asking. We're asking before we left. Yeah. [01:08:53] Speaker A: Okay. Um, in which case, as you ask, you know, and you point at your very numb arm, recently been dislocated, you, ribs 3d, you've got your concussion. [01:09:09] Speaker E: I show them my dirty bandages, and I go, like, I can't go out like this. [01:09:15] Speaker A: You, like, this old woman turns to look to you, and she's just, like, with a kind of white, glazed eyes. She's just staring in your direction. And then, like, it's. When you're like, oh, look at these bandages. And you realize, oh, I've just asked. Oh, no. But, like, this old, withered hand, like, reaches out, and it feels quite bony, and it. It feels like she's almost gonna pierce the skin as she squeezes your ribs, and, like, ah, pain starts shooting up and down. But you see us all, like, moving her fingers ever so slightly, and then she turns to the male madrani that kind of gave you the eye earlier, and she's. She's clearly whispering something in his ear, but it's so, so low, it's inaudible. And he just sort of, like, nods and heads out of the room and comes back with two drafts of tincture. And as he hands you one each, he says, we expect the kindness will be returned in kind. [01:10:36] Speaker E: Well, if you touch me the way that she did, then, sure. [01:10:41] Speaker A: There is a sneer on his face as he hands you the tinctures. The tinctures will remove one of your harm boxes. So, Frieda, that's gonna. As you drink it, it will wipe out your concussion. Yay, cavern. It's only powerful enough to sort out your arm or your ribs? [01:11:02] Speaker E: Let's. Let's go with my arm then. [01:11:06] Speaker A: Cool. So, yeah, your arm no longer feels kind of, like, numb and heavy. After being kind of relocated and freely, your concussion clears out. So, cavern, you are still going to be operating at less effect because of your bruised ribs. For anything that involves your bruised ribs. [01:11:23] Speaker B: Oh, man, I hope we do not have to end up given any foot rubs after this. [01:11:28] Speaker D: Okay, I've got one last thing. Unless we need to move on, I maybe want to ask my wizard in a bubble whether wizard in the bubble has any good ways of, like, I don't know, any information about the tower or. Who is he? I don't know. [01:11:45] Speaker E: What's his name? Dan. Dan. [01:11:48] Speaker C: What's the wizard's name? [01:11:49] Speaker B: Hey, what's his name? [01:11:51] Speaker D: Are there. Are there magical ways of concealing or confusing or is there anything that I can use? Because I feel like sometimes I. When I use my attune, I don't know how broad it can be. Like, I'm ghost related attune. So I guess I'm asking the wizard if there are things that I can do with a tune that might help us little bit more in a more social situation. [01:12:15] Speaker A: I'll tell you what. Roll me a true. [01:12:19] Speaker D: Okay, Coon. [01:12:22] Speaker B: And if you don't give him a name, we are going to start calling him Wizardy McBaldface. [01:12:27] Speaker A: I'm pretty sure I asked you lot to come up with a name for him. [01:12:30] Speaker C: Well, that's it, then, unless you can come up with something better. [01:12:34] Speaker D: What was the name of your sorcery? Sorcery? Sorcerer supreme. Meg. [01:12:39] Speaker B: Oh, good question. It was inappropriate. I remember that. What was it? [01:12:50] Speaker D: I don't know his name. So I'm just like, wizards. [01:12:56] Speaker A: The. Yes. You hear? Yes. [01:13:04] Speaker D: I mean, I'm gonna. I'm gonna be doing something scary soon. Is there anything that, you know that helps scary situations? [01:13:13] Speaker A: So you've rolled a three. So the atta you are, you know, when you get into those really long conversations and, like, you never really have the right opportunity to, like, leave, you find yourself caught up significantly longer as this wizard kind of gives you these really obtuse and obscure, like, meta tactics of the magical application of enchantment and trans. Transmutation spells in order to. And then there was this one time that I did, and, oh, actually, that reminds me that there was this thing, and, oh, I really need to speak to so and so and so and have you ever seen the peaks of Cath Malla? Like, are they really? And you're just holding this all for too long. So you've rolled a three that will potentially bite you in the ass. Cool. [01:14:17] Speaker B: So, my. My sorcerer supreme name was obnoxious pricked, and it actually might be quite fitting. [01:14:23] Speaker A: I was gonna go with Saffaran. [01:14:25] Speaker B: Saffaran. Good name. [01:14:27] Speaker E: I like that. You go with Saffaran, but Atta never remembers it, so she always just ends up calling him wizard. [01:14:32] Speaker A: Yes. Okay, so, well, the mission is beginning. You're following, you've donned your disguises. Those of you that are donning disguises. Algon, you're cuffed, and, yeah, you're using deception to get in. Atta and Magpie, you're sneaking in through sort of, like, the servants entrances, I presume. [01:15:01] Speaker D: Yeah, maybe like, even prisoners need to eat. Right? So I guess we try and figure out, like, when a meal would be brought to them. [01:15:09] Speaker A: Sure. Okay, that sounds. [01:15:11] Speaker C: Well, yeah, I mean, we know that actually the actual attack is going to. Is going to kick off with the changing of the guard, she said. [01:15:19] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:15:19] Speaker C: So maybe we try and sneak in at the last sort of meal time. [01:15:24] Speaker A: Sure. So, actually, that reminds me. So, the cobbles, as their numbers have now swollen due to recently moving into Old Town, they are going to make their roll to see how well they did with the crowds. [01:15:44] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. Oh, dear. [01:15:47] Speaker A: A partial success. Okay, so in which case, the three of you heading through the front, and the two of you in the verticomas, heading through the back, you notice that there is a very, like a. Quite a sizable crowd in, like, in Memorial park, alongside the keep, like, to the west of the keep. You notice, like, Cavern, Frieda and Algernon. It dawns on you that the crowd looks surprisingly big. And as you kind of glance around, you can see some of the cobbles kind of looking at each other a bit confused because there's a lot of people sort of angry. And you can see the, like, a lot of Sangrevar are angry because, you know, they're there. They're shouting out because they're related. But you can see friends of them, presumably, but you notice there's a lot of people in the crowd that just seem to be there, but the cobbles are just been like, oh, I suppose this. Yes, this noticeable. And it is a noticeable crap. And between you, Magpie and atta, um, yeah, you find, um, like, there's going to be just kind of servants, maids, um, maestros, just kind of wandering around, kind of looking after things, changing bedpans and whatnot. [01:17:28] Speaker D: Collecting plates, maybe of meals that have been finished. [01:17:31] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah, precisely. So what I'm gonna do, like, you've all in a verticum has made your way into the keep. I would like one of you to nominate yourself to be the designated roller for this deception roll. I'm going to say it's basically even Stevens because you've had a crit. Actually, let's do plus one dice because you had a crit. So that's plus two. So you're able to follow songbirds directions to the northwest town, but at a. You're a bit distracted and or maybe excited, like, regurgitating what you heard from wizard to magpie and. Yeah, potentially might blow some sort of COVID Yeah. Who's. Who would like to make the rom. [01:18:35] Speaker F: Go on? [01:18:36] Speaker A: Yeah. So one dice. Normally, I'm gonna say plus one dice because it was plus two originally from songbird. Minus one for atta. So plus one. So two dice. [01:18:51] Speaker F: Two in total. [01:18:52] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah. [01:18:54] Speaker F: Okey dokey. Here goes nothing. Okay, don't let me do it again. [01:19:06] Speaker A: So as you're making your way up through the keep, everything is seemingly going to plan. Like Algernon, you're jostled around a bit by some of the other guards, but some of the city watcher happen to be in the keep. But luckily, cavern and freedom managed to kind of inadvertently rough you up enough to kind of divert that others attentions away kind of thing. Like, jostle you around a bit. You. And there comes a point where you're able to sort of, like, break free and head into the secret passage routes that songbirds giving you. Likewise, atta and Magpie, you're able to make your way through the keep, but you find yourself, like, cornered by what is effectively, like, the manager of the staff. And you're kind of delayed a little bit as you try to break away from. From his attention. As you. As you. The five of you kind of begin making your way, there is. You can hear the sound of, like, the commotion from the crowd in the park, like, it's getting kind of louder as you pass by windows. When you notice that it seems extremely loud all of a sudden. And as you. As one of you, catches a look out of a upper floor window down into the park, as you're kind of scaling up the tower towards your objective, you notice that this kind of the riot bit has clearly started. But someone has set fire to the statue of Unity in the middle of the park. And the figure of Elysians, having banded together to kick out house Anthony, is engulfed in flame. And you can see that there are a number of, like, burning torches in the crowds, and, like, the crowd has kind of spread out, and it's. It's just lost its coherency, and people are running about, and you can see that there are some of these burning pictures being tossed onto nearby, like, setting fire to nearby buildings and, like, someone set the well, the well on fire and so on. And you catch yourself thinking, this seems very aggressive, extreme. When you get to the top of the tower, you notice, surprisingly, that the blackguard is not there, and the door that you're. That you're headed to is unguarded. As you approach, you hear a loud bang from outside, an explosion. And you can see that a large part of the park has been set ablaze. And as that explosion rings out, you hear alarms begin to ring through the keep as the defense is mobilized. And you realize now that everyone's going to be on high alert, so moving through the building will be difficult. As you approach the door, you notice that it is slightly ajar. [01:22:51] Speaker C: The door's ajar? [01:22:53] Speaker A: Yep. [01:22:56] Speaker C: Surely. [01:22:57] Speaker D: Does there look like there's been a scuffle? [01:22:59] Speaker A: Like, well, who's pushing? Well, who's. Who's investigating? Algernon. I mean, you made the roll. So, Algernon, as you. [01:23:10] Speaker F: I shove the door with my crutch, sure creeks out. [01:23:13] Speaker A: So if you push the door open, you find a small, little, kind of airy room. There is a black guard sprawled belly down, face down on the floor, and sat on a small stool by one of the little arrow slit windows, watching the park as it set ablaze is a Loravar woman in a purple coat with a purple hat, and she appears to be stirring a cup of tea. And she turns to look to you and, well, this is a terrible mess, isn't it? And I think we'll call a brick. [01:24:09] Speaker F: Now. [01:24:12] Speaker C: She'S fine. She doesn't need rescue at all taking care of herself. [01:24:18] Speaker A: So let us grab a quick break, and then we will find out how this extraction goes. If you liked what you're seeing, make sure to hit the like button and comment down below on. I mean, sure, why not? Let's. Acid didn't remember. So let's throw. Throw names for the wizard in the, in the comments. Have a chance to influence the campaign. And if you want to see how this job concludes, then make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon for notifications of new releases, because they come out very frequently. We wouldn't want you to miss them, would we now? So see you all in a bit. Hi.

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