Faction Actions! - Elysia Rising Ep6 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play

Episode 6 May 04, 2024 00:09:00
Faction Actions! - Elysia Rising Ep6 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play
Explorers of Elsewhere
Faction Actions! - Elysia Rising Ep6 - Blades in the Dark Actual Play

May 04 2024 | 00:09:00


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As the Crew sits down with the Marionettes, DM Dan finds out what the gangs of Elysia have been up to during the latest downtime.


Played using the Blades in the Dark ruleset, by John Harper - https://bladesinthedark.com/greetings-scoundrel


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of explorers of elsewhere's faction actions. I am Dean Dan. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Yeah, we are here to have another delve into what the factions of Alicia Rising have been up to whilst the party have had their downtime. [00:00:22] And, yeah, last time we visited this, we noted that there was a lot of factions that were very close to completing their goals, and some of them, in fact, did. So there's a few new kind of blank clocks on. On the horizon. The city watch, the children of ire and Blackguard are all starting fresh new projects with the chain bearers and the cobbles only one segment away from completing theirs. Off the back of episode six, the crew have actually had a pretty good time things. So, having completed the altered mission as per Odal Mercer's request, the party have found that they're standing with the pillars has increased by one, which has taken their. [00:01:11] Taking them to plus two with the pillars. And the chamber is specifically plus two as well. As it currently stands, the faith has also gone up by one. The children of. I believe that the crew have successfully completed the job they tasked them to. So they've kind of gained a positive reputation there if that was ever to come to light, that that's not entirely the case, and you could well expect that that reputation will soon drop back down, maybe even lower. Good. With the. Tinged with the. The pain of betrayal. [00:01:48] Yes. This is how the factions kind of stand in, actually. Yes. In episode six, they did that. The crew have had a scrap with the guard, which has reduced their reputation to. With the city watch to minus two, and therefore their reputation with the guards to minus two as well. [00:02:11] So with all that in mind, let's turn our attentions to the factions to see what it is exactly they're up to. [00:02:19] There's less known goals on the. On the table now as new. You know, new projects from the factions are started up, and there's not really been an opportunity to find out what's been going on. But we'll start with the ones that we do already know of, the chain bearers, the cobbles, and the shield of Elysia. So we'll start with the chain bearers. [00:02:46] They were very much aided by the party in the last episode, so they are a three dice faction, and let's see how they get on. [00:03:00] Partial success is all they need to tick up to completion. So they have successfully recovered some void damage touched items. We'll see the ramifications of that in a future episode. The cobbles, they are almost. [00:03:20] Almost ready to expand into Old Town. Let's see how they get on with a one dice roll. Say rt one. [00:03:31] I thought, yeah, that's fine. So they also tick up their last segment. So the cobbles now have a firm foothold in Old Town, which is good for them. And finally, the shield of Alicia. [00:03:46] They are a tier two faction, so we will roll two dice to see how they got on investigating that goat. The ghost upper anwingers do. Not very good. Not very good. So they only get a single segment. [00:04:03] Times is hard, it would seem. [00:04:07] Okay, so, yeah, those are the known factions. [00:04:10] I'm going to quickly go ahead and start rolling all these new new clocks. City watch have a new six segment clock. The children of I six segment clock and the black guard have a suspicious six segment clock. So, yeah, let me get these rolled out, and then we'll see how the ground lies. [00:04:33] Okay, so, as was to be expected, a lot of the factions have completed their actions at the tail ends during the episode six downtime. [00:04:47] Specifically, the EIC have completed whatever it was they were doing, as have the il Naishi, the lodge reticent, the garden keepers, the orchestra, and perhaps worryingly, the kindling. [00:05:07] Unfortunately, the hollow, perhaps stymied by the players actions, have not been able only filled out one segment of their clock, and the tellers only also only managed a single segment. [00:05:27] Yeah, we have a. Like, we will be going into episode seven with a lot of things kind of happening in the background, a lot of moving parts, which the. The crew are going to have to kind of pivot delicately and gracefully for in order to kind of tackle those. [00:05:47] And, yeah, we'll see how they kind of get on with it when they find. As they find out what has changed in the city in terms of what's going on in the city, as an aside, in the last session. So in episode six, during her downtime, Magpie completed her investigations. [00:06:08] So whilst she was completing them, she was able to find out a few kind of bits of knowledge here and there, which is why some of these actions were filled out. But the true goal at the end of it was to find out what the ramifications of the death of tv end was and how the factions kind of sit with each other and who's kind of rubbing shoulders and who's, like, who's rubbing shoulders in a good way and who's rubbing shoulders in a bad way. [00:06:34] As that fact, as that clock has now been completed, I have given the players access to a, like, a relationship matrix spreadsheet that I use to kind of keep track of what the factions think about one another. I use it to figure, you know, to come up with complications and kind of developments in the story that make appropriate sense. One of the times that it was really handy to use was during the hammering a job when I knew that the shield of Alicia and the city watch were kind of not best, not, not very friendly towards one another. Which is why when that complication arose, it was the city watch that came charging up the hill, not say another faction. [00:07:24] So now that Magpie has a camera brought back with an idea of how everyone feels, I will give the players access to that matrix so they can kind of start playing the faction game a little bit more, which we very interesting to see how they kind of what levers and wheels and cogs they turn to influence things, presumably for their own benefit. Right, so I need to go and figure out what all of these completed clocks means for episode seven and onwards. [00:07:58] If you liked this kind of behind the scenes kind of mechanics from a game master's point of view, make sure to hit the like button comment down below on what you think some of these completed goals are. And then to see if you are correct, make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon for notifications of new updates and uploads because they're happening really, really, really quick. And yeah, I wouldn't want you to miss out on the videos where you see these clocks come sort of like become real, become tangible. [00:08:35] So yes, thank you very much for watching. I'll see you next time.

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