NICE MARINES - Space Marine Actual Play - #gamingforgood 2024

Episode 1 April 24, 2024 01:28:37
NICE MARINES - Space Marine Actual Play - #gamingforgood 2024
Explorers of Elsewhere
NICE MARINES - Space Marine Actual Play - #gamingforgood 2024

Apr 24 2024 | 01:28:37


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Four Space Marines, unstoppable gods of warfare of the Astral Commonwealth, face an insurmountable challenge after liberating the planet of Bristolis IV - rebuilding, diplomacy and advertisement of a planet freshly liberated by Space Marines.


Played using the Nice Marines one page ruleset, by Grant Howitt -



Chuck Kick Ass by Nicolas Jeudy/Dark Fantasy Studio

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[00:00:06] Speaker A: I can see us. [00:00:07] Speaker B: That looks good. [00:00:08] Speaker C: Oh, hello, Internet. [00:00:10] Speaker A: Hello. [00:00:13] Speaker C: Hello, Internet. Hi, we're here finally. Hi. Explorers elsewhere charity, livestream 2024. How you doing? We. We are back. We are gonna raise some money for charity and we are gonna do it all together because we're a lovely community like that. How you're doing? I am DM Dan. This is explorers of elsewhere's gaming for good charity, Livestream 2024. Raising money for 60, 25 independent people. A charity that does some fantastic work tackling youth homelessness. It's a absolutely, absolutely fantastic cause and they deserve quite a lot of your money. So over the space of the day, between there's a ferret. [00:01:20] Speaker D: Give us your money. Give us it. [00:01:22] Speaker C: Yeah, we'll sic the ferret on you. So over the space of the day, there will be various games. The games are going to have various donations and those donations will invoke certain things across our games and you'll be able to see those incentives above the chat. So, yeah, we'll run through what some of those words mean, because there's at least one made up word that incentive today. But, yes, I am DM Dan. Today I am joined. Let's go around the houses firstly by Chris. Hello, Chris. [00:02:03] Speaker D: Hello. [00:02:04] Speaker C: How you doing? [00:02:06] Speaker D: Brother Grunty reporting for duty stat. [00:02:08] Speaker E: Brother Grunty. [00:02:09] Speaker C: Marvelous. Marvellous. Yes, Chris from our Wednesday night d and D games and also rough sketches. [00:02:18] Speaker F: And also an employee of 1625. [00:02:22] Speaker C: Yes. [00:02:23] Speaker F: Just throwing it out there. [00:02:28] Speaker C: And rust sketch for if you want to go back and listen to those. How you doing? You good? [00:02:36] Speaker F: I'm a little coffee. I'm a little kind of ill, but I'm okay. I'm okay. I've had enough sleep. I think I've got to go out and do some improv later, so that's going to be fun. This is like. [00:02:48] Speaker C: Yeah, vice warm up question mark. [00:02:50] Speaker F: Yeah, it's a warm up, yeah, it's like. It's how I'm treating it as a warm up. We did, we did gobbling quests yesterday with a couple of the staff from 1625 and that, and it went just crazy. So, you know. Yeah. [00:03:06] Speaker C: Okay, well, moving swiftly on. Hello, Errol, how you doing? [00:03:11] Speaker G: I'm good. I got back into the uk at like, midnight last night, so I, you know, I'm just about. It wasn't. It wasn't two time zoning away, so I'm good. Brother Greta is ready to hopefully hold a parade. I don't know how likely that is, but excited for the potential. [00:03:35] Speaker C: Amazing, amazing, amazing. Yeah. Errol, you're one of our new faces. To the campaign. Two on the channel. And, yeah, very, very happy to have you here. Speaking of, on the second campaign on the channel. Hi, Meg. [00:03:51] Speaker A: Hello. How are you doing? Yeah, all good. I'm ready. Grilda is ready to be the most impressive space marine of them all. Yeah, got that grilled with its flame throw up. That's how it goes. [00:04:12] Speaker C: So, yes, Meg's certainly no stranger channel someone else who also isn't a stranger to channel. Hi, Tilda. How you doing? [00:04:19] Speaker B: Hey, I'm alive. Yeah, you know, it's going. [00:04:22] Speaker C: That's a good start. Well, to be fair, with space marines, that's never really like a guarantee, is it, that you'll be alive for one moment of the next? [00:04:32] Speaker B: But, yes, sibling Gregory is reporting for duty, ready to lift things. Because that's what I do. [00:04:37] Speaker C: That's what I do. Okay, sibling Greggan. Amazing. So, for those of you who are wondering what on earth is happening, we are going to be playing a one page rpg by Grant Howitt called Nice Marines. The synopsis is, you are a space. [00:04:55] Speaker E: Marine, an immortal giant genetically engineered to be the perfect instrument of war. You and your squadmates are oath swarm protectors of the astral commonwealth of people and one another. The iconoclasts of the galaxy shiver in terror at the very mention of your name. However, support forces have not arrived following the recent liberation of Bristolis four, leaving you in charge of a diplomatic envoy dedicated to rebuilding after the conflict. You have no idea how to do this. However, you've got three solar days until your superiors arrived to inspect the city, so best get to it. For the commonwealth. [00:05:45] Speaker C: All of our both marines have a number of dice that are allocated to a number of approaches. Like, I wouldn't call them abilities. Anything combat related is an automatic success. [00:06:01] Speaker E: Because you are, in fact, space marines. [00:06:04] Speaker C: But anything non combat related is utterly alien to you, perhaps borderline heretical. But that doesn't stop some of you having varying levels of confidence. So whenever we need to do something non combat related, we will roll some dice. If the thing in question happens to involve one of your independent passions, then you roll additional dice and take the highest results. And rolling low is bad. Rolling high is bad, sort of is good and bad, and rolling somewhere in the middle is about as good as it can get. Yeah, you have to. You've got three days to delicately pick your way through the mess that is Bristol. As for so, real quick, let's say. Let's start with Chris again. What is your. Whatever. What is the thing you're most confident in and least confident in according to your dice rolls. [00:07:16] Speaker F: If I've understood how to assign these dice rolls correctly, then I might have done this right. So brother grunty is really good at building and repairing things. [00:07:26] Speaker C: Okay. [00:07:28] Speaker F: And is not confident at all at being nice to civilians or holding up parades because those are the both of the D sixes that I've assigned. [00:07:38] Speaker C: Perfect. Okay. So very common repairing and D six is. Sorry. Protect. [00:07:45] Speaker F: Being nice. Being nice to civilians. [00:07:47] Speaker C: Right. Yeah. [00:07:49] Speaker F: And holding parades. [00:07:51] Speaker C: And holding parades. Okay, let me make a note. And then you're good at building repair things. Marvelous. Yeah. Errol, what is brother Greco good at? And what confident in, I should say. [00:08:07] Speaker G: And not confident in brother Grector, maybe one day in his early space marine training, saw something that probably like a military procession. Right. Like. And found the. The word parade and was like, I want to one day hold the greatest parade. I'm giving my character some goals. Why? So, yeah, him is good at holding parades. Him is not good at building and repairing things or lifting heavy things, which I feel like is essential for holding parades. So we'll see. [00:08:50] Speaker C: Are you. Are you the backseat manager of a parade? [00:08:54] Speaker E: No. No. It goes over there. It goes over. Where are the balloons? [00:08:59] Speaker G: I feel like. I feel like I'm the person that is like the stage manager. Like, if I'm managing a. The space marine equivalent of the cabaret stage at pride, I am the person that holds the microphone and tells people where to go but does none of the hard work. [00:09:18] Speaker C: Okay. Okay. Next up, what is brother Grilda confident and not confident in? [00:09:28] Speaker A: Grilda is divinely ordained to be the most impressive space marine of the entire comedy commonwealth. He has the shiniest armor. He has the biggest flamethrower. You know, he is. Yes. Impressing. If he cannot impress in civil civilians, then what is the point in being alive? Yes. He loves to impress civilians as much as he likes to impress them. He also likes to protect them. You could say he's quite zealous about it. He's very good at lifting heavy objects, mainly because lifting heavy objects is very impressive to civilians. He is very keen to be nice to civilians, but he's probably not very good at it. And he's cautiously optimistic about holding parades, but he's never done one before. But he's sure that if he did, it'd be the most impressive parade anyone had ever seen. [00:10:35] Speaker C: So are you cautiously optimistic about holding parades and so being nice to civilians, was it being. [00:10:43] Speaker A: Yes. So d 20 is in my impressives protectives is my d twelve. Lifting heavy is d eight hold parade is d six. Oh, and I forgot d ten, which has. Be nice to sieves. [00:10:57] Speaker C: Okay, so. So what was your 2d sixes again? Sorry? [00:11:00] Speaker A: Holding parades and holding parades. Is it two d six s? Yeah. [00:11:04] Speaker C: 2D season. [00:11:04] Speaker A: 02:00 a.m.. I gonna do? Let's see. [00:11:13] Speaker B: While you are thinking, guys, did you pick equipment? Because I know you. Grioda has the flamethrower. [00:11:20] Speaker A: Yes. [00:11:21] Speaker B: So we don't double up because I want the jetpack. [00:11:24] Speaker G: Oh, okay. I won't have the jetpack then. [00:11:26] Speaker B: You can have the jetpack. I can also go for a grapple cabin. [00:11:29] Speaker A: I'm gonna. I'm gonna say that Grilda is. Also thinks he's fairly good at gathering information because he's got such high charisma, because he's so impressive. [00:11:40] Speaker C: But his shiny helmet. [00:11:43] Speaker A: Shiny helmet, yeah. Means that everyone sees very shiny helmet. It's very well polished. [00:11:48] Speaker C: A very well polished helmet. Okay. Very good. Okay, so last one at least. Sibling Gregor, what is your. What are you divinely ordained in and what are you cautious in? [00:12:02] Speaker B: Sibling Gregor is divinely ordained in lifting heavy objects because that is what a space moon is being about. [00:12:08] Speaker C: Yeah, sure. [00:12:10] Speaker B: And absolutely not. Not great at information gathering and holding parades. [00:12:17] Speaker C: Okay. [00:12:19] Speaker B: Yeah. Gregor doesn't understand art, and parades kind of fall under that. [00:12:26] Speaker C: So this is definitely not. There's definitely going to be some parades that need to be held. Okay, noted. We'll do a quick, quick shout out. So, space marines, being that they are genetically modified, post like, post humans, what don't you understand? And had therefore have a fascination with Chris, what's grunty fascinated by? [00:12:54] Speaker D: You know, when the humans, they do the thing and they have the lip and they. And they. They produce the water from their face. I mean, I don't get it. [00:13:06] Speaker E: I believe you're referring to love, brother Grunty. [00:13:11] Speaker D: No, no. Much, much more sadness. [00:13:15] Speaker E: Oh, the sadness. [00:13:16] Speaker C: Okay. [00:13:16] Speaker D: The weeping. [00:13:18] Speaker E: Same thing. Brother Grunty. [00:13:20] Speaker C: It's the same thing. [00:13:21] Speaker D: I mean, it really is. It really is. [00:13:23] Speaker C: So I don't know if I could. [00:13:25] Speaker D: Keep this voice up, but I'll try. [00:13:27] Speaker E: Brother Grunty does not understand sadness. Sadness. [00:13:31] Speaker C: I mean, that pretty much sums up all of the canonic space marine lore, doesn't it? What's. What does Brother Grektor find himself fascinated by, Errol. [00:13:46] Speaker G: I think we're gonna go with one of the L's. I think we're gonna go for doesn't and doesn't understand, but is fascinated by love. We've got an ace. An ace. A spectrum. Space marine. Yeah. [00:14:04] Speaker C: Amazing. Amazing. Okay. So love is a mystery to Brother Greg. Talk, brother Grinder, what is your fascination? [00:14:17] Speaker A: I do not understand this thing that happens when the humans go. [00:14:21] Speaker C: Ha ha ha. [00:14:23] Speaker A: What even is that? That's not a word. [00:14:26] Speaker E: What is humor? [00:14:28] Speaker A: What is humour? [00:14:29] Speaker E: What is humour? [00:14:31] Speaker A: I do not understand it. They say things. They say these things called jokes where they say things that they're not the real things that they actually mean. [00:14:40] Speaker C: It's a war chant. [00:14:41] Speaker E: Someone says something and they all bellow a war cry. [00:14:44] Speaker C: Ha ha ha. Um, what is, uh, brother Greg? Uh, sorry, sibling Greggan. [00:14:51] Speaker E: What is sibling Gregon? [00:14:53] Speaker B: Uh, sibling Gregon does not understand art. It colors next to each other. Things that exist in re. In real life. Anyway, just take a photo. [00:15:03] Speaker A: Let's take a photo. [00:15:07] Speaker E: The only word worth liking is war. [00:15:12] Speaker B: Okay, yeah. Even dragon doesn't understand the art of war either. [00:15:17] Speaker C: Perfect. Okay, marvelous. So we've got. And. Sorry. So we know that brother Grinder has a flamethrower. We know that sibling Gregon has a grapple cannon. What does brother Grunty. What does brother Grunty brought to the mix? [00:15:40] Speaker F: I think because nobody else has chosen it, I'm gonna go with the ancient God pistol. [00:15:46] Speaker C: The thing is, that's all it says. We don't know what that means, but we'll just rub it. What makes it a God pistol? [00:15:56] Speaker F: It's only one way to find out. [00:15:58] Speaker E: Does it shoot gods? [00:16:03] Speaker C: Errol? What does brother Grektor bring to the party? [00:16:10] Speaker G: Brother Grektor enjoys his atomic jetpack, both, like, publicly and privately. [00:16:21] Speaker F: Uses it on weekends to do Amazon deliveries. [00:16:26] Speaker C: That might be part of the rebuilding process. Okay, marvelous. So we've got our fleshed out question mark, space marines. So we off, like off camera. We all decided. All space marines are banded together in chapters. Each chapter is a thousand space marines strong. And your illustrious chapter, which was 100% not affected by a clerical spelling error, are the fists of numerous. So just fists of numerous from the planet numinous. Cool. So yeah, you are the first of numerous. And what. What is your. Have we decided what the battle cry of the fists of numerous is? [00:17:34] Speaker F: I did suggest for the fist. [00:17:36] Speaker A: Yeah, for the fist. [00:17:37] Speaker B: What, a fist? [00:17:39] Speaker G: Fisting. [00:17:40] Speaker A: Oh, is probably. [00:17:42] Speaker G: Yeah, not. I was thinking fist it, but also. That's a bit much for. [00:17:48] Speaker F: It's a bit early for that. [00:17:53] Speaker B: You say that, but we do have someone who doesn't understand humor. [00:17:57] Speaker A: Oh, right, yes, yes. [00:18:01] Speaker C: Okay. [00:18:02] Speaker A: We are the fisting elite. [00:18:07] Speaker B: Oh, it's getting worse. Excellent. [00:18:09] Speaker C: Well, I will. I'm sure that the fists of numerous. Part of the part, the appeal of the fists of numerous is that it enjoys personal expression amongst its space marines. So whatever battle cry you feel drawn to bellowing whenever the moment takes, you feel free. Cool. So I need to roll some dice to find out what you're doing. So, having successfully liberated Bristol is four, there are two factions vying for supremacy, and I have to reroll. I have to roll this. So what. What am I? I am, let's say, high Lord DM damn. Come up. But let's see. Bam. Okay. High Lord DM damn rolls a one and a four. So the two factions that are vying for supremacy are an incredibly pious house of psychic nobles and an incredibly pious law enforcement cadre. [00:19:29] Speaker F: Okay, so incredibly, I have no idea what a cadre is, but I'm sure I'll find out. [00:19:41] Speaker B: Yes, sorry to interrupt, but according to the chat yourself, your volume is very low compared to everyone else. [00:19:49] Speaker C: How about if I do this? Is that better? Is that. Is that better if I keep going this. Hang on, let's. Actually, I might do a feedback. Look, I won't do that. Cool. Thank you for letting us know. Chat. Let me know if I need to go up a bit more or if I just need to shout more here, you know? So, house of psychic nobles. So let's say the psychiatrist. [00:20:24] Speaker B: No. [00:20:25] Speaker C: Ballist. And the law enforcement. Kedra. Okay, more, more. Uh. Okay, cool. Yeah, we should be good. We should be good. Right? So. [00:20:49] Speaker E: Brothers and siblings, a new day arises. Umbristolis four. The heresy that infected it has been purged by your mighty fists. [00:21:04] Speaker C: This is. This could be a hard, hard session. [00:21:11] Speaker G: Especially after all the fists. [00:21:14] Speaker F: Sorry, you need some cream or something? [00:21:21] Speaker B: Do we need, like, a tip jar for every. Every time I make a fisting joke? [00:21:25] Speaker C: Maybe. Yeah, maybe we need to get some donations up in here. Okay. [00:21:30] Speaker F: As more donations, more fisting jokes, or less. Or less. [00:21:37] Speaker A: Oh, my gosh. You know, I posted this in my work chat, like, before coming on. I really. I really hope this isn't the section that they've decided to join at. [00:21:48] Speaker E: Yes, as the morning sun of the morning light of the immortal God, king of the astral common. [00:21:58] Speaker C: Well, who is the leader of a commonwealth? [00:22:01] Speaker B: The good emperor. [00:22:03] Speaker C: But like, an emperor. So he's emperor for an empire and then, like, a king for a kingdom or whatnot. But what's a commonwealth? Who's the leader of the commonwealth? [00:22:11] Speaker A: Well, the queen is the. Was the leader of the Commonwealth when the brit. The British had a. Well, we still have a commonwealth, don't we? Sort of, yeah. [00:22:19] Speaker C: Okay. Right. We'll go we got. [00:22:21] Speaker E: As the morning light of the immortal God king of Terra stretches across and warms the cheeks of the remaining loyal civilians of Bristolis four, they stand in awe of the space marines, of the fists of numerous. [00:22:46] Speaker C: Water. [00:22:47] Speaker G: You can't just drop cheeks in your speech, Dan. [00:23:00] Speaker A: Stop. I've got to stop laughing. I've got to be stony faced. [00:23:03] Speaker C: Do what I want. Okay, so you are like, you stand in the sort of, like the governmental plaza there is in front of you, there is a statue to the immortal God king of the astral Commonwealth. It was slightly dinged up in the fighting, and by dinged up, I mean it was mostly restored, like reduced to rubble. But through your like, you can see that there are a number of servitors. So like you human cyborgs that have effectively gaffer tapes this statue back together in a rough approximation of what the immortal God king is believed to look like. And as you stand looking out over a grateful, gratefully liberated Rustolis four. Yeah. You are advised that there are two power blocks that are currently, like, clamoring for your. Your attention. So house. Let's call them house brainy. Know what's house brainy? No, Watts. [00:24:24] Speaker A: That's a brick. [00:24:26] Speaker C: That's. Yeah, yeah, it is. Named after matriarch brainy no Watts. Spelt of a z at the end. I've decided. And a pious local, a pious law enforcement. So let's say it's because it's a. It's a. It's an incredibly pious. Okay, so it's the order of St. Padillus, named after their holy icon, which is a repentive paddle. Okay, so the conflict centers around. Okay, so I need to. So I need to roll a D. Twelve. [00:25:26] Speaker E: Stop giggling. This is very, very important, brother Grinder. [00:25:31] Speaker C: Twelve. [00:25:32] Speaker F: So some people might say that they're up some creek without a paddle. I would never say such things. [00:25:43] Speaker A: That would be heresy. [00:25:45] Speaker C: The representatives from House Brain know what. Brainy know what? And the order of some padillas have approached you because they are currently disagreeing over who has the rights to film Bristol as promotional pictovid, encouraging people to visit it as a tourist destination. So with that in mind, so, you know in front. So to your left is a member of House Brainy know what. So it's a man in a very kind of slender, tall man in long, flowing purple robes with, like, a very kind of long, narrow face, but an upsettingly large cranial space. Like, it's huge, bold, like, you can see veins and, like, brain, just the head, the top of the head is almost as big as his torso and there's various kind of wires and like every so often, they crackle and spark quite worryingly. And for the order of Saint Padalus is a. I mean, how deep do we go for this? [00:27:09] Speaker G: Very deep. [00:27:10] Speaker C: What is effectively. I'm just gonna describe. I'm gonna describe him as a stag do none costume. [00:27:25] Speaker G: Very short. [00:27:27] Speaker F: I'm here for this. Like fish nets. [00:27:31] Speaker C: Yes, yes. Repenting in the name of the God king of the astral commonwealth of people by, like, smacking his palm with his electro paddle. [00:27:46] Speaker B: Well, maybe brother Greg Grector is finally going to understand love. [00:27:55] Speaker A: Maybe. [00:27:56] Speaker G: Maybe there's all different types of love in this world, sibling Greggan. [00:28:01] Speaker C: Apparently so, yeah. Their arguments are so brain know what, brainy know what? Want to kind of draw people in with details of the new. Sigh. Our psy academia, which trains people to be sanctioned psychic users, sanctioned psychos, and the order of some padlous wants to. Inspired by the fists of numerous. Wants to draw people in so they can be indoctrinated and begin a new crusade throughout the astral commonwealth, bringing a swift paddling to the foes of the commonwealth. Yeah, that is what they're kind of bickering about. So stand in front of you. What are you making of it? What you thinking? I mean, it's a lot to take in. [00:28:57] Speaker E: I appreciate it. [00:28:57] Speaker F: A lot to take in. I think brother Grunty, with their, like, ordained, like, zealous kind of verve for rebuilding and building things, is mostly controlling, like, kind of ordering around all the little servitors just to make sure that they've got, like, the bits of rubble in the right place to rebuild the statue. So I think currently Brother Grunty is too distracted by auditing, or yet auditing the servitors surrounding just to get things. [00:29:32] Speaker C: Kicked off real quick. [00:29:33] Speaker A: Sorry, question. Just question for our, like, task. So is our task to film a promotional tourist video. [00:29:42] Speaker C: You are tasked with handling the diplomatic mess that is brain, sorry, house brainy know what's. And some order of pal orders and pallet Padillas like that, you've got to smooth out their disagreement diplomatically. [00:30:02] Speaker A: Right. [00:30:03] Speaker C: But just to get the ball rolling and just get some dice rolling whilst the two people, whilst the two representatives are kind of speaking to you all. Brother Grunty, you're stood in the background, you know, ordering the servitors to put it all together. Now, that sounds remarkably like building, repairing things, and it doesn't sound combative at all. So please roll me your d 20, as that is a thing that you're very, very, very good at. [00:30:31] Speaker D: Yeah. Uh oh. It's got it started. Well. [00:30:44] Speaker F: Okay, that was a 19 for people that didn't read it, that's a 19. [00:30:50] Speaker C: Yes. Okay, so that is a success with dire collateral. Okay. Right. So as the two. The two representatives are talking like brother Grunty, you're getting more and more animated directing the server tools to the point where, I mean, you're. You're obviously, like, you're a superhuman. You're significantly kind of more capable than mindless servitor. And you get so into it because, I mean, this is your, like, building and repairing things is your passion, right? So you just decide to get stuff in. And the. The other three of you, you're used to the sounds of what sounds like warfare, so you don't really notice what happened, what brother Grunty is up to behind you. But when you look, you. You. When you turn, you notice that the statue behind you, because it is a success. Okay, so the statue of the God King emperor is exactly as you imagine it. It is a masterpiece. We. It is a leonardian level piece of work, unfortunately. Well, no, I mean. Well, unfortunately for them, some of the rocks haven't had. Were problematic to stick together. Like, they weren't quite the right shapes. So you had to find something a lot more malleable. And the rest of you can't be too sure if that's not people jammed in the cracks of this massive statue to use as mortar. [00:32:33] Speaker D: Once it goes hard, it's fine. [00:32:35] Speaker C: Yes. [00:32:36] Speaker D: You gotta wait for it to dry. [00:32:38] Speaker C: Yes. [00:32:38] Speaker D: It's a really listed in there. [00:32:41] Speaker C: Collateral is civilian death or priceless items destroyed. So there were a few passersby, a few worshipers to the God King emperor. And now they will be part of the God King emperor's glory forevermore. [00:32:53] Speaker D: Yes, it is the way it should be. [00:32:58] Speaker G: Glorious work, brother Grunty. [00:33:01] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:33:02] Speaker A: This is most impressive. [00:33:06] Speaker B: I don't get it. [00:33:16] Speaker C: Okay, so what. Yeah, the representatives. Yeah, how you're. You're tasked with, you know, figuring out. So brain know you what brain know I watts. It's want to bring people here to train up to be psychos orders and paladists want to bring people here to turn into kind of indoctrinated fighters to send out into the commonwealth. What's your first protocol? They're at loggerheads. How might you appease them or, like, get them to work together? [00:33:51] Speaker A: I think we should throw a party. The most impressive party in all the land. We shall have cake, and we shall have party hats and streamers. [00:34:07] Speaker G: Perhaps, Brother Grilda, if both of these factions are vying for the dominance of this filming pic video, then they can both organize party and we decide which party better. [00:34:27] Speaker A: Yes, Brother Grektor, yes, both shall. Shall organize parties, and then we shall be the judge of the best party. [00:34:38] Speaker C: So, the. The representatives run back after hearing you discusses, and they suggest that if the plan is to have two part, like, a party off, that it would only be fair if the four of you are split, but, like, you to each, and then you're just kind of working. In effect, it's like. It's like the apprentice, but with space marines. Okay, so, yeah, with that in mind, who's. Who's going to help out the house of house brainy? Know what? [00:35:23] Speaker B: I can help them. [00:35:24] Speaker C: Yeah. And just give you, shall we say, brother Greta as well? So we got. So it's a respect. Okay, so, brother Grunty, brother Grilda, you are allocated to setting up the party for the order of some paddles. And. Yeah, Grektor and Greggan, you are assigned to house brainy. No one's so grunty and grinder. You. You head to the church of St. Pad Padillas. It is this kind of city block sized cathedral covered in kind of gothic architecture, like, incredibly tall. Well, what would have been incredibly tall? Stained glass windows and, uh, like, loads of loads of rare minerals and metals covering it until it was all but leveled. Um, in your liberation of Bristol. As for. And now, like, the. The building is effectively unusable, and the orders and paddlers are set up in a little wooden shack alongside with, like, a hand painted sign of a paddle. But, yeah, as you approach them, one of the novitiates approaches you and. Thank you for coming, hallowed space marines. I understand you are going to help us with our. [00:36:55] Speaker E: With our party. [00:36:57] Speaker C: What. What did you have in mind? What should. What should our first open. What should our big opening act be. [00:37:04] Speaker E: To really capture the spirit of the people of the astral commonwealth? [00:37:10] Speaker A: Well, as you know, we are here to bring our fist to your paddles. And together, our fists and your puddles will ensure that we are victorious over those brainy no wads. We shall brush them in our party prominence. And my colleague and sibling, grunty here, is very good at building things, and Grunty will build the best party decoration extravaganza you've ever seen. [00:37:54] Speaker C: Okay. [00:37:55] Speaker A: What do you think, brother Grunty? [00:37:58] Speaker D: That sounds like an amazing idea. Amazing. Can I use guns? [00:38:12] Speaker C: The novitiates look at one another and they kind of, like. They shrug. Like, sure, you're a space marine. [00:38:21] Speaker E: Your weapon is a. It's like a pager from the God king himself, sending out pagers into all the heretics to let them know they've been bad. [00:38:33] Speaker C: I don't know why high command told you that. That'd be. Well, that's it. You heard high command be like, yes. [00:38:38] Speaker E: I sanctioned your use of weapons. [00:38:44] Speaker A: Weapons are most impressive, especially when they're giant flamethrowers throwers. [00:38:50] Speaker C: Okay, so, um, what. Yeah. What's your. How. Yeah, what are your specific approaches? So, um. So, Grilda, what. What are you. How are you. What are you doing? [00:39:03] Speaker A: Okay. Yes. [00:39:03] Speaker C: What. [00:39:04] Speaker A: What is grilled doing? Grilda is trying to set up the most impressive decoration display of any party anywhere. Just, you know, and I am talking the full, you know, balloons on the ceiling, party streamers, like, balloon arches, you know, floral arrangements on all the tables, and, like, fireworks, indoor fireworks, that are going to be, like. They're gonna be set off at the crescendo of the party. [00:39:45] Speaker F: Are these indoor fireworks actually just, like, weapons? Just, like, kind of, like, stuck in at various angles? [00:39:53] Speaker A: They are mini flamethrowers they are mini flamethrowers that are set below big, like, big metal, like bowls of gunpowder and nitroglycerin. [00:40:11] Speaker C: Okay, okay, okay. Please, please roll the. What is this whole. No. Are you impressing civilians? Is that what we're doing? [00:40:25] Speaker A: I am trying to make it as impressive as Marine Lee possible, which is. [00:40:32] Speaker C: An infinite amount possible. Okay, please roll me your dice to see how. How well this goes. [00:40:39] Speaker B: Okay. [00:40:40] Speaker C: Your pyrotechnics. A two. [00:40:41] Speaker A: A two. [00:40:43] Speaker C: Okay. Okay. We'll keep that in mind. Brother Grunt. Brother Grunty, what are you doing? While Grilda is setting up the pyrotechnics. [00:40:58] Speaker D: Brother Grunty has decided to make a. [00:41:02] Speaker F: Thing which is going to help him. [00:41:05] Speaker D: Gather information, and he's put together an online survey. Through the infinite power of the emperor and the king, I've said I've gathered this QR code right here. If you scan it, then you'll be sent to a survey so I can gather information about what you want. [00:41:35] Speaker C: Amazing. Okay, please. [00:41:38] Speaker A: Ah, the power of consumer research. [00:41:40] Speaker D: Exactly. [00:41:42] Speaker B: Is this where we apologize to every 40K fan for not actually knowing that about the lord that much? [00:41:48] Speaker F: I know nothing about this. I know that much about it, and. [00:41:55] Speaker C: That'S all we need. Okay? Exactly. Please make me a gathering information. [00:41:59] Speaker F: Roll my gathering information. I'm just checking what my thing is. It's a d twelve. [00:42:09] Speaker D: With the power of surveys. We have a seven. [00:42:15] Speaker C: Right? So. [00:42:16] Speaker A: So. [00:42:16] Speaker C: Well, at the. So you're opening gambit. Like, you're opening bid, you. So you rolled. [00:42:24] Speaker F: Okay, can I accidentally punch one of the people in the face when they, like, hold out the QR code? [00:42:33] Speaker A: You're a space marine, you'd probably take his head off. [00:42:37] Speaker G: It gives them malware when they. [00:42:45] Speaker B: So malware in the sense that you invest them with chaos. [00:42:51] Speaker C: This. Okay, tell you what. So this QR code that you. So, brother Grunty, as you stomp through the streets of Bristol's four, you're like. [00:42:58] Speaker E: Scrap this QR code scab, this QR. [00:43:01] Speaker C: Code shoving it and, like, people, like. And then they're scanning it with their pics devices and the website they're taken to. Looks like you only really had, like, one source of reference and that's like early two thousands MySpace pages. So, like, everything that's kind. There was a really loud music track playing and you couldn't stop it. Like, pop ups kept on appearing over the bits of information that you wanted. It was just. It was glorious. [00:43:40] Speaker E: Glorious. [00:43:41] Speaker C: Unfortunately, uh, with minor collateral, um, in that. Yes, in your enthusiasm. There were a few civilians who were, like, smacked in the face by your, like, enthusiastic Qr code presenting. So there's. There's news of a wave of nasal reconstruction surgeries happening to happen through the streets of Bristols four, because people's face have just been in, like, compressed into their skulls. Unfortunately, because of all the pop ups, no one could really get to the information underneath. So it was gathering informations and then also an invitation to the party at padillas. So whilst. So grilled up, whilst the pyrotechnics were on point, no one was there who meant to be. So there's brother Grunty. You come back to find grilled us sat on a rock outside this, like the ruins of the cathedral of St Padmas, and there's just like, gouts of flame into the sky and no one to watch you. [00:45:15] Speaker D: What is this position you are in, Brother Grilda? [00:45:21] Speaker C: What is this? [00:45:22] Speaker D: I do not understand what this is just. [00:45:26] Speaker A: It all went off too soon. And I promise, nothing like this ever happens to me. [00:45:32] Speaker D: You peaked too early. [00:45:35] Speaker A: Usually I'm very good at holding back, but it just, you know, I just. I got so excited and premature, actually. Yes, premature. [00:45:45] Speaker C: Like brother God. As you look up, there's the gouts of flames. But this is basically like, you know when you see those videos of people that accidentally set off all of their fireworks, like, and they just. It's that, but with flamethrowers and it's just this inferno spewing out the buildings. [00:46:03] Speaker A: I promise you that when it happened, it was very impressive, if only short lived in solace. [00:46:11] Speaker F: Brother Grunty is just gonna fire the God pistol like in the air. [00:46:18] Speaker C: Okay. [00:46:19] Speaker F: I mean, I don't know what that's. [00:46:20] Speaker C: Gonna do, but sure, yeah, in aggie fire. I will keep that in mind that you fired the God pistol. And this charge of superheated blue energy flies off into the distance and just seemingly arcs as it enters the upper atmosphere. Cool. Like a shooting star in reverse. Right. Grektor and Gregon, you are invited to house brainy, know what? It looks like a really creepy laboratory. There's lots of creatures, some may be human in like test tubes, all with like gigantic heads with sort like plugs and wires and you know, veins and whatnot. And. Yeah, house brainy, know what's. Want to know what you think you should do as the opening act. [00:47:18] Speaker G: Gregon, do you have ideas? I have one idea that is spectacular. [00:47:22] Speaker B: Perhaps, Rada Grektor, you are the parade enthusiast. Tell me where to go and I can lift things for you. [00:47:32] Speaker G: Perhaps. Maybe. If there are many civilians all moving in a single direction, then, and they are saying our very famous slogan, which I think there are many slogans now, but the primary component is fist. [00:47:56] Speaker A: The fist. [00:47:59] Speaker G: And they all move in a single direction. With banners. Perhaps big head, I can't remember what his name is. Big head, how proficient are you in your, your cohort at producing colourful banner? [00:48:19] Speaker C: The so the Saikanas of House Brady know what's look to each other and they sort of like look down at their weak and frail and like emaciated limbs, because it turns out like they've got the long cloaks, but they actually just like levitate, so they just like dust the floor as they go. But then they all look up to you with like hopeful eyes and in your mind you hear, we will have it done. [00:48:50] Speaker G: I will oversee this colorful banner making. Perhaps, Gregon, you can lift and place items so that the route where people will march in a very orderly fashion is very regimented, as would the was. It's not the emperor. Right? Who, who are we? [00:49:12] Speaker C: The God king. [00:49:13] Speaker G: The God king would want. [00:49:15] Speaker C: Okay. Right. Okay, so, brother, so, sibling Gregon, you've got to kind of move the rubble that's scattered across Bristol as four to create a rope for the parade. [00:49:27] Speaker B: Okay? DM Dan. [00:49:29] Speaker C: Yes. [00:49:30] Speaker B: What does a street look like? [00:49:35] Speaker C: I mean, it's effectively a. I would just say picture a street in like fallout. [00:49:43] Speaker B: Okay. There's just all sorts of rock. Would you describe the houses as american or european style. [00:49:52] Speaker F: Very important. [00:49:53] Speaker B: I have a point, I promise. [00:49:55] Speaker F: No, I'm with you on this, Tilde. [00:49:57] Speaker A: Is it like big tall scene skyscrapers? Or is it like, you know, georgian era sort of more in a sense? [00:50:04] Speaker B: Are they made out of brick and mortar or are they like paper and wood? Like in America? [00:50:09] Speaker C: I see. They would be made of like plasteel and so like a metal concrete mix and. Yeah, yeah. We're probably talking like every building is like a skyscraper type. Like the huge, huge edifices with like gargoyles and stuff hanging off, but yeah, all fundamentally picture stone. [00:50:32] Speaker B: Yeah. So I assume like little like twitters in between them. [00:50:37] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:50:38] Speaker B: Excellent. So I would like to put all the rubble in between the twittings. So it's very. So there is no escape routes. [00:50:48] Speaker G: Nobody shall escape the parade. Very good, sibling Breggen. [00:50:54] Speaker C: Okay, okay, okay. Right. And Brother Gretor, as you, if you like, are you. You're specifically overseeing the creation of these banners by house. [00:51:05] Speaker G: Brainy know what's overseeing in the sense that a very overzealous parent figure would do with a child's homework. As in do mostly doing it for them. [00:51:19] Speaker C: Okay. [00:51:20] Speaker G: I would like to forcefully hold these very frail people's arms and make banners with their arms. [00:51:29] Speaker C: So the thing is, I think that does sound like you're building things. Please make me a building and repairing things. Roll, tilde. If you can make me a lifting heavy objects, roll. And we'll see how your first day goes, Grektor. Okay, Gregor. Oh, okay, okay, okay. Right. So Brother Gretal and you. Oh, have we got it? Have we got it? Oh, that didn't. Did that pop up properly, brother Grunty? Five pounds. So in that case, Brother Grektor, please roll again. [00:52:33] Speaker E: Father first. [00:52:38] Speaker G: Oh, okay. [00:52:42] Speaker D: Don't mess it up this time. [00:52:46] Speaker C: So that is a four. [00:52:48] Speaker D: I said don't mess it up this time. [00:52:54] Speaker C: You get a comm link from brother. [00:52:56] Speaker E: Grundy saying don't mess it up this time. [00:52:58] Speaker C: And then you do exactly the same. At the point that you get the comm link, you're. You find yourself kinda in a. The problem with the luscious fabrics that house Brady know what's were using is that you couldn't easily change the color of them. So like, after sort of like agonizing for ages, and it was really difficult to like sew things together, especially with your like arm sized fingers, you eventually. [00:53:38] Speaker E: Went, no, no, no. [00:53:39] Speaker C: And you push them all out the way and the banners and sort of like all of the artwork and streamers for the parade are bits of a four paper that you colored in with crayons because then you could get the exact right color and, like, pictures of. What's the attitude that you want to invoke? What's the feeling you want to invoke from your parade? [00:54:06] Speaker G: So I feel like at a certain point, I was frustrated with the brainy know whats. And we have these a four pieces of paper. And I feel like I then gather them in a formation where they are all then wearing a four pieces of paper. Is there access to perhaps a space marine type staple gun? So I may staple gun the pieces of paper to, like, both their massive heads and their bodies. [00:54:33] Speaker F: It's just like industrial sized. It's massive. It's like, got, like, flames coming out. [00:54:39] Speaker D: The side of it. [00:54:42] Speaker A: You've got a grapple cannon, haven't you? [00:54:44] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:54:45] Speaker A: Why don't you grapple. [00:54:46] Speaker B: Would you like to borrow my. My caddon? [00:54:49] Speaker G: Yes. It's not fixing to these. These brainy. No ones. [00:54:53] Speaker B: They're not easy enough. Can I fire? [00:54:57] Speaker G: But it won't stay. Please grapple this person. I hold them in front of me with this paper, like, out of them. [00:55:07] Speaker B: Can I please fire my cousin? [00:55:10] Speaker C: Yeah. No, absolutely. So over the space of the afternoon. Afternoon, yeah. You use the grapple cannon to fundamentally staple these crayon colored paper banners to these floating cycas. And for some reason they just don't like. But there comes a point where the two of you stood over them going. [00:55:31] Speaker E: It must be nap time. They're not moving. It's been a very hard log day sleep. Bye bye. [00:55:42] Speaker G: These. These civilians can't even take one grapple cannon to themselves. How unfortunate. [00:55:50] Speaker D: A way they'll survive in war. [00:55:54] Speaker C: And. Okay, so, yeah, you're like you, brother Greco. You're kind of left looking at these. Psych is wondering how to rouse them from their naps. Sibling Greggan, you rolled a 17. So that is a success with dire collateral. Like, you've come back, like, beaming to help with the grapple canoning because you did an amazing job clearing the streets and sort of like, blocking off all the entrances. You weren't entirely sure why the civilians of Bristol is four were seemingly running away in fear and terrorists as this, like, nine foot tall, superhuman, like, super soldier was just stomping around, just launching bits of rubble and, like, cars and just. [00:56:48] Speaker E: No one could go this way. [00:56:50] Speaker C: Ra, like, collapse some buildings on top of each other to blocker. Block an exit route and what. What is it? So it's civilian death of priceless items destroyed. So, yeah, there are quite a few buildings that you. You were just like, you don't need this wall and, like, pulling the wall off to use as a block and made building collapse. And you effectively blocked off the escape route so well, and kind of funneled the civilians into this parade route that there may have been an accidental stampede and like thousands, thousands of civilians, unfortunately well, laid down their life in order for the parade routes to be cleared. [00:57:38] Speaker B: Okay. [00:57:41] Speaker D: The God king would approve. [00:57:43] Speaker B: Yes. One more question, and I'm really sorry that once seeing how we are already using the grapple cannon to put things in place. Can we use a grapple cannon to make, like, a line on the street to hang up the, um, the. [00:58:01] Speaker C: Yes, that was. That was the final bit. [00:58:04] Speaker G: The sleeping. [00:58:05] Speaker C: You couldn't get the sleeping, but, you. [00:58:07] Speaker B: Know, they are nappy. They're not doing their job. So we just put them on the, uh, on the. On the right part of the grappler of the grappling hook. [00:58:14] Speaker C: So, yeah, you find. [00:58:16] Speaker D: And they're just now they are this thing called bunting. Yeah, I don't know what bunting is. [00:58:20] Speaker C: But back of the collar just. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. We will very, very swiftly move on. So day two. Day two comes, the parade route is set. You've learned some valuable pyrotechnic ideas. Grilled up. What's grunting. Grilled are doing for what's. What's the second days worth of parade prep? Like, what's your second idea? And what, realistically, this has to be your big, bombastic finale, because on the third day, the like for the imperial governors. Sorry, the Commonwealth governors will arrive. [00:59:02] Speaker D: The girl, though, we. We need to conflab. I've heard these people of Bristolis for enjoy something called music, something that they like to call drum and bass, roman bass. It sounds aggressive to me. [00:59:25] Speaker A: Oh, I like the sound of aggressive. [00:59:30] Speaker D: It sounds like a lot of hitting things and a lot of things going boom. I like this. [00:59:36] Speaker A: And flamethrowers. [00:59:37] Speaker D: Yes, of course, of course, of course. We must find the brummiest and basiest things and put together a musical soiree, whatever that is. [00:59:55] Speaker A: That sounds excellent. [00:59:58] Speaker C: Thank you for the ten pound donation, Julia. The next success must be rerolled. [01:00:03] Speaker D: No, this is not good. [01:00:06] Speaker B: Oh, the betrayal. [01:00:07] Speaker C: As a quick aside for anyone watching. Well, we've got 20 minutes left, but because we started five minutes late, we'll go for another five minutes. So we've had a five pound. We've had a ten pound, 20 pound. A new problem arises. But 40 pounds invoke obliteratus. Obliteratus is a inquisitorially sanctioned action where a problem is nuked through from orbit. So if anyone pays 40 pounds, the next problem will immediately be resolved with a success. With catastrophic collateral. Yes, Nate, you did hear Julia cackle in the background. Okay, so, yeah, that is obliteratus 40 pounds for an instant. Catastrophic collateral success. Sorry, continue. Chris and Meg. [01:00:59] Speaker D: Oh, I mean, I gathered as much information as I could. And from the information gathering, this is what I have come across, that they want. Some music. [01:01:12] Speaker A: Music? Yes. We must impress the civilians and we must be nice to the civilians. So if music is what they want, then music is what we shall give them. [01:01:25] Speaker D: I'll be frank with you. I'm not good at being nice to civilians, but I'll give it a go. [01:01:30] Speaker A: That's okay. I am very good at being nice to civilians. Civilians, they are very impressed by me. And I'm also good at protecting them, mostly, anyway. I will go and find the loudest bit of instrument that I can find. [01:01:52] Speaker D: Let me help by lifting those instruments or finding large speakers that we could exit the noise from. [01:02:05] Speaker A: Okay. I think a bass. So, drums. I know what drums are. We have drums of war, but bass, I have heard that this is a type of fish. So do you think we need the river? [01:02:18] Speaker C: You hear a hiss like a crackle in your comlink. [01:02:21] Speaker E: Brother Grilda, if you're looking for some base speakers, now that you have arrived. [01:02:27] Speaker C: On Bristol, as for you could retrofit the jet, the engines of the space. [01:02:32] Speaker E: Shuttle you arrived on, you could turn. [01:02:37] Speaker C: Your spaceship jet engines into base speakers. [01:02:41] Speaker A: This sounds great, but where. Go inside, you grab them. [01:02:47] Speaker E: And that's what makes it a bass speaker. [01:02:49] Speaker C: You finish with fish and then turn it. [01:02:51] Speaker A: Okay, brilliant. Okay, brother Grunty, I am going to go and fetch some fish. [01:02:59] Speaker C: Okay, so, Chris and Meg, please make me your roles for your respective things. [01:03:09] Speaker A: Great. Um, what would fishing come under? [01:03:12] Speaker C: That's a very good question, Meg. [01:03:15] Speaker B: I would say that's combat. [01:03:17] Speaker C: Yes, yes. [01:03:19] Speaker D: Shooting fish in a barrel. [01:03:20] Speaker C: Come back with, uh. So you head out to the. The shore, um, you flamethrower with your flamethrower. Um, you, over the space of the afternoon, you manage to flamethrower all of the local fish life, like sea life, and, like, drag it out of the. [01:03:38] Speaker A: Sea, decimating entire species, absolutely annihilate the. [01:03:44] Speaker C: Beautiful coral reefs of Bristol whilst retrieving your fish. So, yeah, you bring those back. That's fine. Brother Grunty, are you lifting the speakers that are now filled with the fish that brother grilders provided. [01:04:00] Speaker D: Absolutely. [01:04:01] Speaker C: Okay, so, in which case, Meg, as brother grunty, is setting up your speakers, what? What are you doing? You, high command has informed you that what you're doing is called, in some. On some planets, a disco. [01:04:15] Speaker A: Disco. Yeah. [01:04:17] Speaker C: So, okay, what you're doing to help with the disco, now that the fish are here, now the base. [01:04:23] Speaker A: Okay, so, um, I know from my excellent party planning skills that what people really like at parties is to be able to take home, at the end of the day, a party bag, okay? Full of party favors like sweets and these little tubes that make bubbles and these noisy, blowy things, in which case. [01:04:57] Speaker C: Chris, please make me a lifting heavy object for the speakers. And, Meg, make me a building and repairing things, because you're building party bags. [01:05:06] Speaker A: Great. I am really bad at this. I mean, I am really good at this because I am most impressive. Right, I've got d eight as build and repair, so. Oh, dear. Right. What's the d eight? That's a d eight. [01:05:22] Speaker F: I'll let you roll first, Meg. [01:05:23] Speaker A: Two, three, four. There we go. Sorry, I can't count sides. That is a seven. [01:05:31] Speaker C: That's a seven. And. [01:05:34] Speaker F: Noticing brother Grunty noticing as these fish are being flung into this kind of vortex, like, engineering speakers, notices a child kind of, like, over in the corner, like, weeping and crying as it's kind of, like, massively sad that the whole entire ecosystem has been obliterated by brother Grilda. And sort of, like, the seas of. [01:06:05] Speaker C: Bristolis four are now beautifully glimmering with, like, rainbow because of all of the Promethean oil that brother Grilda has poured into it by flamethrowering all the fish. [01:06:16] Speaker B: Like, also, not to be. Not to be that person, but we did get a ten pound donation from Julia, so I do believe Meg needs to reroll that success. [01:06:27] Speaker A: Yes, of course. It's so. Oh, no. Okay. All right. Finish your bit, and I will reroll in a minute. [01:06:40] Speaker F: So, noticing this, like, all of brother Grunty's focus away from the lifting things is, like, focused on this small child. [01:06:53] Speaker C: Okay, so that sounds like you're fascinated by something. [01:06:57] Speaker F: So I'm adding a d ten, and. [01:07:00] Speaker C: You pick the highest nine. [01:07:04] Speaker D: Okay. [01:07:06] Speaker C: Okay. So you. Minor class rule. So, Meg, if you do your reroll. [01:07:21] Speaker A: Oh, yes. Oh, dear. [01:07:23] Speaker C: Reroll. [01:07:23] Speaker F: Good, Meg. [01:07:25] Speaker A: Five. [01:07:29] Speaker B: That's no damage. That's better. [01:07:31] Speaker A: Yeah, that's good. Yeah. Thanks, Julia. Was it Julia? [01:07:35] Speaker B: It was Julia, yeah. [01:07:37] Speaker C: The retrofitted spaceship engines filled with, like, you filled it with so much fish that when you send this what Haikaman refers to as a sick beat into the speaker. There's enough, like, physical mass that it kind of dulls the sounds down to, like, sub audible, like levels to the point where you can no longer hear it. You can just feel it. [01:08:09] Speaker A: Oh, no, it's not the brown noise, is it? [01:08:12] Speaker C: Luckily, you rolled a success, so it isn't the brown note, but the gig itself. So the disco itself goes fine. Chris, you've rolled a nine, which is a success with minor collateral. So you're like, obviously, you know, the speakers are all set up absolutely fine in your fascination with this crying child who's, you know, worried about the death of all of the fish in Bristol as four, presumably, as you kind of kneel down. Oh, emperor of mankind has donated 20. A new problem. Right, yep. I'll do that a sec. As you kneel down to this child and presumably go, stop crying, you bellow so loud that the child, like, loses tearing for the next week. But you're like. And as you say that, you then look up and notice the rest of the orphanage of children, like, also start crying. So. Yes, and very confused. Yeah, so it's at this point that, like, the pict. Like, the pic video comes in to see you, ah, shouting at this child, and it's like this gaggle of about 50 children just, like, weeping uncontrollably. [01:09:41] Speaker B: Wouldn't that add to the music, though? [01:09:42] Speaker C: Yes. Yeah. [01:09:43] Speaker F: I was gonna ask Dan, can I sample this? Can I, like, turn on my recorder, like, in my helmet, and then pipe it back through the speakers, like, on loop find, like, a nice loop. [01:09:59] Speaker C: Right. The. The emperor of mankind has decreed that a new problem has arisen. Um, so it is a no. An incredibly pot no. We've actually had that. It's not that. It is a three and a six. A fierce. Oh. And we've got to reroll a success. Thank you very much for the ten pounds. Okay, so this is a fiercely opportunistic six super linked techno bishop hive. So. Right. In which case the. The disco goes off pretty much. Okay. Apart from all the crying children and little Timmy being deafened for the next three weeks. Greta and Greggan, on your second day, you're about to kind of deal with the orders from some pallidus when the adepticon cogmaticus, who are a order of, like, mechanical priests, you arrive on the second day to help the orders of Paladis, and you find the wooden shack leveled and raised, and in its place is a metal box with the logo of the adepta concord manicus. And, like, sat in a red robe with just, like, more metal protruding from her face than skin. You see one of the techno bishops who. [01:11:25] Speaker E: Hello. [01:11:26] Speaker C: She says as you approach. [01:11:29] Speaker E: Are you here for that? Are you here to prepare the festivities for the second day before the diplomatic envoy was arrival? [01:11:40] Speaker B: Yes. [01:11:42] Speaker G: Yes, we are. Good job. With the leveling of the previous sleepy people. [01:11:51] Speaker E: They were heretics. The flesh is weak. Glory to the omniscient. [01:11:56] Speaker C: So I like this one. Okay, so as these less, you know, looking, I approve as the superlink techno bishop hive, the Deptikan cod. Manicus, what are you doing to help them? They. You notice that as you. Like, as you stand there, you notice that their servitors appear to be kind of going through the buildings and, like, in a very star Trek, borg kind of way, they're just, like, assimilating civilians and, like, turning them into servitors as well. And this. This tech priestess looks to you. And. [01:12:33] Speaker E: Manual labor for the festivity preparations. [01:12:39] Speaker G: Gregon, I have one idea, but if you have idea, I would love to hear. [01:12:44] Speaker B: I am. I don't do ideas. [01:12:48] Speaker G: I feel like the smell of fish in the morning and the sound of children crying has inspired me. These cogmaticus move in a very alluring, interesting way of which can be translated into good dance moves. Perhaps we could call it the cog dance. Not the robot. [01:13:20] Speaker E: The droid. [01:13:23] Speaker G: The mechanical dance. [01:13:25] Speaker F: Tweaking instead of twerking, perhaps. [01:13:29] Speaker A: Tweaking. [01:13:31] Speaker F: Just an idea. [01:13:32] Speaker D: Just an idea. [01:13:33] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So the adepticon codmanicus are aware of the dance craze known as tweaking. It's effectively electrical. [01:13:43] Speaker G: Maybe. Perhaps. Greggarn, you. We are the people that. We are the leaders that encourage the movement of this assimilation to go along the previous parade route. And they move in this. [01:14:01] Speaker A: This. [01:14:02] Speaker G: This way that is both mechanical and also fluid. It does something within me that I don't understand. [01:14:12] Speaker B: I don't understand. But we shall do it. [01:14:14] Speaker C: Um. Okay, yeah, I guess this. You could argue that dance is a form of art. Good. Okay, so what are your plans for the final day? So finally, like, what? What? So we're doing a dance. We're setting up a dance. Is this a dance for the disco? [01:14:33] Speaker G: I feel, yeah. Oh, sorry, Gregor. [01:14:37] Speaker B: No, for Greg. And it's starting to dawn on them. Like, they don't really understand what's going on, but the way the noise that they can't understand and the movements they can't understand mashing together in a kind of an aesthetic way. [01:14:56] Speaker C: Yes. [01:14:57] Speaker B: They don't understand that they're starting to appreciate it. [01:15:01] Speaker C: Okay. Okay. [01:15:04] Speaker G: Character growth actually have. [01:15:09] Speaker B: I am aiming for a d ten here. [01:15:12] Speaker C: Okay. So you know that you're going to put together like a dance party to rival I guess the disco that the other, the other team put together. What, what one specific thing are you kind of looking after Grek tour to get this dance party off the ground? What was your approach? [01:15:36] Speaker A: Oh. [01:15:40] Speaker C: So I'm gonna say if you need to get people to dance, that's like you kind of have to get a lot of people together in one space. Right. It's like a parade that doesn't go anywhere. [01:15:57] Speaker G: A parade that doesn't go anywhere. I think that like everyone's moving but. [01:16:02] Speaker C: They'Re not actually traveling, you know, like. [01:16:06] Speaker G: A stage, a stationary parade. How curious. Yeah. [01:16:15] Speaker C: Tilde. So Greg and your. [01:16:19] Speaker B: Ok, Gregon is, has a very spec. Greggan has a very specific idea here. Like today they woke up thinking in order for all of this to work, civilians actually need to be alive to do the things they need to do. Are you pretending I am actually going. Gregor is going to be following Grektor and the priest, making sure the civilians don't die in the process. [01:16:51] Speaker G: I think Grector is specifically using, they haven't been able to use their jetpack for a while and I think they are using the jetpack to outline the stationary parade area, but also to give that, you know, disco meet like club night effect of like the smoke kind. So also maybe the blood and guts from the previous, you know, attempts are. [01:17:20] Speaker A: Covered for anyone who has ever organized an event. Okay. In order to protect your civilians. Okay. The most optimal way at an event is to have a health and safety plan. And by doing a health and safety plan and having a risk assessment, that is the best way to keep your civilians alive. So brother Gregor, maybe you should take out a risk assessment of your event. [01:17:50] Speaker B: I would like to keep my d twelve. So thank you. I'm just physically caught in a rage. [01:17:55] Speaker C: There's an idea that if you've got this health and safety thing, like the best way to make sure that an event is health and safety compliant is to remove all infractions on the health and safety yesterday. Yeah. So. So you know, if you, if you're watching this disc, if you're watching this dance party and you notice that someone is not being health and safety compliant, then you can terminate them of extreme prejudice to ensure that the compliance level was restored to where it should be. Right. [01:18:27] Speaker G: And if at any point they stopped dancing, that's an infraction. [01:18:31] Speaker C: Yeah. So yeah, cool. [01:18:32] Speaker A: You know what they say, brother Greggan, you must kill people to keep people alive. [01:18:40] Speaker C: Okay, so, brother Grektor, please make me a holding parade role. Sibling Greggan, please make me a protecting civilians role with an extra d ten, because you're fascinated by this combination of sound and movement. Grektor is a six, and depending on how this goes, I'm gonna pick one of you to reroll. [01:19:12] Speaker B: Okay? [01:19:13] Speaker C: A d. Okay? So an eleven on that. D twelve. Okay, so we're gonna say, oh, they are both success with minor collateral. [01:19:23] Speaker A: Okay? [01:19:24] Speaker B: Actually, mine is dire. Clatter. [01:19:26] Speaker G: Or if you said they're both dire. [01:19:28] Speaker C: By diet, big man. Yes. So, Errol, you are odds. Tilde, you are evens. Okay, Errol, please reroll your holding parades from the six. Oh, that's a success. [01:19:45] Speaker F: Infinitely better. [01:19:47] Speaker C: Okay, so in. In contrast to the disco on the other side of Bristol, as four, you start a. A kind of a dance party. Are you. What, are you using the music from the other event, or is like. Actually, you know what? So you succeeded and you die collateral. So that is civilian death or priceless items destroyed. [01:20:19] Speaker B: Can I argue that because I'm trying to protect civilians, I'm just destroying the whole city. [01:20:27] Speaker C: You protect us civilians. But, okay, well, say what? Because this is part of the techno bishop hive, the adepticon cog. Manicus, you. So, bro, sibling Gregor, you're stood, arms folded, at one end of this dance hall. And when I say dance, always freaking like this stadium sized arena, and it is packed with thousands and thousands of people that have been drafted in to be part this dance party. The dance party was a success. Everyone had a great time, partially because throughout the night, throughout the. The 18 hours dance party, brother, a sibling grand. You were, like, strategically striking anyone who wasn't complying with the. The God king mandated dance moves. And, like, if it. Like, if anyone stopped dancing, death. If you did the wrong move, death. If you sneezed or coughed, death. And, like, the thousands strong is still thousands strong by the time you're finished. It's just not as high a number of thousands. And there's just like, they're what look like dropped splats of red jam, like, all over the floor. And Greg, and there's a part of you that really appreciates the harmony of this, what has been referred to as darts. And I, unbeknownst to you, is because the only ones left alive are the now cyborgified servitors that the techno bishops have managed to convert and assimilate earlier in the day. And they're all like, in unison, and they're all doing the tweak in perfect unison, and it is just, what, like, like. And the spaces get filled with more servitors as you pluck out the troublemakers. Some of them are splat to the ground, some of you just presumably tossed over the walls to land somewhere else in the city, and yet there's this feeling of pride within your. In both of your chests as you see this beautifully harmonious dance that truly represents the. The companionship and togetherness of Bristol. As for now that it's returned to the astral commonwealth. So with the. The sound of the fish induced bass on one side of the city and the sounds of mechanical whinings and electrical fizzings from the other, the four of you kind of smile and take taking all of your accomplishments, and the next day, at the crack of dawn, a Commonwealth shuttle, like transport shuttle, lands in the nearest spaceport. The imperial governor, for who's been allocated to Rustolis four, finds a city that has its streets turned into kill zones. There is a intense stench of fish with utterly, like, utterly polluted waters. The civilians move around with 100% efficiency because they are all now linked with the superlinked techno bishop hive, and like, the governor of surveys all of this and is pleased. The picked vids. So the pict vids that you've recorded shows everyone kind of working in harmony and union. Clearly, the gargantuan headed freaks strung up over the streets were the heretics that needed to be overthrown, so they feature prominently in the videos to explain why it was so good to come to Bristol as four. And with, through your actions, a Bristol as four sees a population boom. Unfortunately, because the fish was the main source of food, the population soon collapses in on itself, and within three solar years, Bristolis four is inflicted with obliteratus and reduced to space debris. But not before you've left the planet. A job well done. [01:25:25] Speaker E: Congratulations, space marines, for the fist. [01:25:29] Speaker C: For the first go. [01:25:37] Speaker A: Yay. [01:25:38] Speaker G: I just like the image of all of us, like. Like sat on like a log, looking out of the polluted sea, a sunset, and then just like, eating like a charred like dolphin. Just like most of the pressure. [01:25:53] Speaker C: Yes. Just as you can hear the screams of civilians being forcefully turned into brainless cyborgs. [01:26:01] Speaker B: If there be cyborgs, do they need to eat? [01:26:04] Speaker A: Arguably not, but it's what the humans do, so we must. When in Bristol is four, do as the Bristol is for Ian's do. [01:26:20] Speaker C: Okay, thank you, everyone, for playing. Thank you, everyone, for donating that was nice. Marines. I hope you hope you enjoyed it because, yeah, that was. I mean, to be fair, I mean, don't sue me, games workshop, but it's not that far off the actual lore of Warhammer, is it? [01:26:44] Speaker F: I think it's perfect then. But then I don't know anything about. [01:26:47] Speaker C: The law, so this is all you need. This is all you need. [01:26:50] Speaker F: Exactly. [01:26:50] Speaker C: Exactly. So, yes. Thank you for watching. Thank you for donating. If you enjoyed this, make sure to hit the like button. Leave your comments on whether or not you would decide to live on Bristol. As for post fists of numerous and make sure to stick around. We're going to be streaming all the way up until 430. We're going to take a our lunch break, but in the meantime we are going to be doing a watch party of the heroes wanted Twitch channel. So yeah, this stream will stay open, but we'll be kind of proxy viewing heroes wanted crew who at the Mo who should just be starting a paranoia session powered by AI. So no one in that game knows what's going to be happening and all the stuff that happens is getting fed back into the AI and it's just kind of in a very mad and very kind of paranoia approved way. So, yes, thank you all once again. Thank you, Chris, Errol, Meg and Tilda for playing. We'll see you. [01:28:09] Speaker F: Thank you, siblings. [01:28:11] Speaker A: Thank you.

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